HHS selects 15 tech leaders to discuss healthcare innovation, investment

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The Department of Health and Human Services has picked 15 technology leaders from the private sector with which to initiate a year-long dialogue on how to accelerate healthcare innovation and investment.

The leaders in digital health, life sciences, medical devices, payer and provider organizations, as well as healthcare technology investing and innovation have been selected as initial participants in the quarterly Deputy Secretary’s Innovation and Investment Summit (DSIIS) meetings.

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HHS Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan is pursuing high-level dialogue between HHS and the private sector in order to accelerate innovation and investment in healthcare. Over the course of a year, Hargan wants industry experts and agency staff to meet quarterly to discuss emerging opportunities for innovation and investment in the health sector and how the federal government can help serve as a facilitator.

“Collaboration between HHS and private sector investors and innovators is critical to advancing new solutions and evolving healthcare in America,” said Hargan, who contends that the agency has not previously formally engaged with industry this way. “We believe this will produce new approaches that will improve the health and well-being of the American people. As the healthcare community innovates, HHS must also be innovative in how we engage with that community.”

Specifically, these private-public sector meetings will focus on emerging innovation opportunities and whether public sector policies are supporting or impeding these innovations. The first meeting will be held on December 18.

“This group will not be recommending or giving any direction on healthcare innovation and investments made by HHS,” emphasizes the agency’s announcement. “This group will collaborate with HHS in an open discussion over the coming year to compare perspectives, analyze the most promising opportunities, and identify barriers related to innovation and investment in healthcare. As previously announced, HHS will also bring in participants with subject matter expertise to provide additional perspectives during more focused discussions.”

The 15 tech leaders selected to serve as DSIIS core participants include:

· Anthony Davis-Co-Founder and President, Linden Partners

· Todd Fruchterman-President/GM, 3M

· Bill Geary-Co-Founder and Partner, Flare Capital

· Anna Haghgooie-Managing Director, Sandbox Industries

· Dean Harrison-President and CEO, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare

· Matt Hermann-Senior Managing Director, Ascension Ventures

· Scott Hilinski–Managing Director, Nautic Partners

· Stephen Kraus-Partner, Bessemer Ventures

· Annie Lamont-Managing Director, Oak HC/FT

· Mo Makhzoumi-Head of Global Health, New Enterprise Associates

· Ezra Perlman-Co-President, Francisco Partners

· Jim Rogers-Chair, Department of Business Development, Mayo Clinic

· Brian Thompson-CEO, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement

· Barry Uphoff-Founder and Managing Partner, Martis Capital

· Robbert Vorhoff-Managing Director and Global Head of Healthcare, General Atlantic

HHS received more than 250 nominations to serve as DSIIS core participants. Nominees were “evaluated based on areas of educational focus, executive or other organizational leadership experience, private equity experience, venture capital experience, lending experience within the healthcare sector, and applicable experience, expertise, knowledge and leadership in innovation and investment in the healthcare sector,” according to the agency.

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