HHS Completes HIE Grants Process

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The Department of Health and Human Services on March 15 announced $161.7 million in stimulus-funded grants to 16 states to advance creation of state-level health information exchanges.

With the new grant awards, all states and territories have received HIE funding under the stimulus package. HHS on Feb. 12 announced $386 million in HIE grants for 40 states, state-designated entities, or territories. That list is available here.

All of the HIE grants come from the $2 billion in "jump start" discretionary funding for health I.T. initiatives that the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology is administering. States or state-designated entities receiving new grants, totaling $161,724,798, are:

* Florida Agency for Health Care Administration: $20,738,582;

* Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: $9,313,924;

* New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority: $11,408,594;

* South Carolina Department of Health & Human Services: $9,576,408;

* Iowa Department of Public Health: $8,375,000;

* Idaho Health Data Exchange: $5,940,500;

* State of North Dakota, Information Technology Department: $5,343,733;

* State of Alaska: $4,963,063;

* Nebraska Department of Administrative Services: $6,837,180;

* South Dakota Department of Health: $6,081,750;

* Department of Public Health, State of Connecticut: $7,297,930;

* State of Mississippi: $10,387,000;

* Indiana Health Information Technology Inc.: $10,300,000;

* HealthShare Montana: $5,767,926;

* Texas Health and Human Services Commission: $28,810,208; and

* Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum: $10,583,000.

--Joseph Goedert

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