HealthTap offering cloud-based platform for app developers

HealthTap, an organization that is offering web-based access to healthcare providers, is broadening its scope by introducing the HealthTap Cloud, a development platform that it believes will enable health developers to build applications more efficiently and cost effectively.

The new offering complements HealthTap and its app, which can be used by both patients and physicians and works across a range of platforms and devices.

HealthTap Cloud is powered by HOPES, an operating system that connects the continuum of care to each person’s unique Personal Health Record (PHR); application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) that help developers build a highly personalized web.

“From our start, HealthTap has been committed to building an engaging and vibrant community of top healthcare engineers and developers,” says Ron Gutman, founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to give back to this vibrant community of super bright and compassionate healthcare developers by opening up our technology platform.”

Android and iOS apps are available within the HealthTap Cloud. Opening the technology platform to developers through an application process enables them to access key modules of the HealthTap Cloud and further propels HealthTap’s mission, the company contends.

"The barrier to entry for building smart health applications is dramatically lowered by HealthTap Cloud," said Greg Badros, former engineering leader at Google and Facebook and an early investor in HealthTap. “HealthTap Cloud promises developers instant interoperability, turnkey security and private infrastructure, and easy access to doctor knowledge and population data that may save developers precious time and money as they design and deliver the next generation of health apps to market."

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HealthTap executives say that, to date, participating developers come from a diverse range of institutions, including Fortune 500 employers, multinational payers, hospitals/health systems, government agencies, device/sensor manufacturers, and health app startups. Google, IBM, Flex, and iHealth are collaborating with HealthTap on building with the HealthTap Cloud.

Additionally, Blockchain S.A. is working with the HealthTap Cloud team to create a new healthcare blockchain, a foundational infrastructure for managing federated, trusted access to medical records securely between all parties in the private network, including hospitals, doctor practices, insurance companies, and app developers. Blockchain CEO Peter Smith observes that, “Until today, blockchain’s main application has been to trustfully transact cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Now, HealthTap and Blockchain are taking a concrete and significant step towards leveraging this concept to solve a longstanding issue in healthcare — trusted, secure access to medical records for all.”

Key modules of the HealthTap Cloud include cross-platform telemedicine; big data analytics, achieved through health data exchange and population health efforts; customer resource management; and trusted content.

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