Healthineers, Univ. of Missouri system form research alliance

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Siemens Healthineers, University of Missouri System and University of Missouri Health Care will work together to research precision medicine and digital health.

The partners expect to develop best practices in diagnostic and therapeutic treatments. The alliance is focusing on healthcare delivery, education and workforce development, healthcare innovation, and research and collaboration to improve care quality.

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Siemens will supply much of the information technology—such as laboratory and imaging technology—that will support the program, known as the NextGen Precision Health Initiative.

For example, the alliance will be one of the first in the Midwest to install the MAGNETOM Terra 7 Tesla (7T) MRI scanner, the world’s first commercially available clinical diagnostic 7T imaging system.

MU Health Care will use the MAGNETOM Terra in both clinical and research settings to further ultra-high field MRI capabilities. Also available will be the syngo Virtual Cockpit, which is software that enables radiologists to connect remotely to scanner workspaces to assist personal at different locations, including remote healthcare areas.

MU Health will provide mentoring to students to build a workforce pipeline of highly qualified researchers and students that will become the replacement workforce for the technicians, scientists and researchers who will be retiring in the next decades, says Alexander Cartwright, Chancellor at MU Health.

MU Health will work with partners in education, care and research venues to support a four-hospital system called the Precision Health Initiative, focusing on rural care. “We take our land grant system obligations seriously,” Cartwright says.

That includes access to instrumentation to detect disease and diagnoses more quickly, he adds. “We will deploy artificial intelligence to detect early on healthier and more precise innovations and share them with the world.”

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