Ed Marx takes on new mission on careMESH board of advisors

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Healthcare information technology veteran Ed Marx, most recently chief information officer at the Cleveland Clinic, has joined the careMESH Board of Advisors.

Marx is not taking a full-time position with the firm, which is a think tank, because he wants to work part-time; he has joined a total of four healthcare-related boards.

But he speaks highly of the work being carried on by careMESH, which works to improve communication and care coordination between healthcare delivery organizations.

“CareMESH fills a gap—the inability of clinicians to communicate with each other, especially outside of their own organizations,” he explains.

Marx served two and a half years in the lead IT role at the Cleveland Clinic, leaving at the end of October. Part of his decision to leave came as a result of fighting stage 4 cancer, and he said he needed to focus on healing, which he is doing “thanks to great clinical care,” he says. While healing, he took the opportunity to write books and found a new mission to help the industry move away from its manual processes and help physicians improve communications enhanced by digital capabilities that help patients, clinicians, organizations and communities.

In joining careMESH, Marx joins healthcare IT industry veterans William Braithwaite, MD, and Scott Glasrud on the board.

Before joining Cleveland Clinic, Marx served as senior vice president and CIO at Texas Health Resources and spent two years as executive vice president of the Advisory Board, providing IT leadership and strategy for the New York City Health & Hospital System.

“Throughout my career I have sought to innovate with the use of technology to better support patient care and outcomes,” Marx concludes. “In careMESH, I see a company willing and able to significantly alter the healthcare communications landscape and I am optimistic about what we can do for hospitals as they tackle today’s health information exchange challenges.”

For now, Matt Kull, associate chief information officer at Cleveland Clinic, is serving as interim CIO of the organization.

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