Early warning system to speed patient care at Children’s Health

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Children’s Health in Dallas has selected Royal Philips as its technology partner to enhance their existing patient monitoring and PACS systems.

The delivery system, which has a service area that encompasses nearly one million patients in North Texas, also will standardize additional patient monitoring initiatives using the Philips Intellivue X3 patient monitor to enable staff to track patient vital signs during transport and at the bedside.

The 15-year, $75 million agreement gives Children’s Health access to other Philips patient monitoring systems, including the IntelliVue Guardian early warning system to quickly identify patients who may need an intervention, and IntelliVue Mobile Caregiver, which offers a suite of mobile apps for monitoring patient data via smartphones and other mobile devices.

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More than 275 million patients are monitored by Philips technology each year, according to the vendor. Children’s Health expects the alliance with Philips to empower staff by having critical patient status information immediately available in an easily understood format.

“We are committed to making life better for children and providing our patients with the best care possible,” says Pamela Arora, senior vice president and chief information officer. “Aligning with Philips will help us improve the experience for patients and their families.”

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