Developers set to demo the latest FHIR-based applications

A conference to be sponsored by Health Level Seven International will showcase the organization’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard for data exchange and give vendors an opportunity to demonstrate applications using FHIR.

The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based standards organization is planning an FHIR Applications Roundtable on July 27 and 28, at the Harvard Medical School in Boston.

“The roundtable is designed to build interest and get a better sense of what’s going on,” says Wayne Kubick, chief technical officer at HL7. “We think there is more usage than we have heard.”


HL7 expects discussion about FHIR at the event, but also expects demonstrations of capabilities—about 30 of them—to showcase existing products.

To further expansion of FHIR, HL7 also has created a new not-for-profit FHIR Foundation to support implementations worldwide, and it soon expects to have a registry of products, Kubick says.

HL7’s FHIR is a next generation standards framework that leverages the latest web standards to enable data sharing by healthcare IT systems. By using the same type of technologies that Facebook, Google, and Amazon have already implemented, FHIR is simple to use and can improve interoperability for a range of HIT technologies, including mobile apps, cloud communications and EHR-based data sharing, among others.

While FHIR remains an evolving standard, there are hundreds of applications already in use for specific business purposes by vendors, providers, insurers and pharmaceutical firms, Kubick says. FHIR is a free open source product, and there’s an open source store for FHIR apps. The conference will offer an idea of the breadth of apps already in the market, he adds.

Registration is open, with a cost of $250. More information is available here.

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