Cybersecurity product aims at defense for extended enterprise

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Unisys Corp. is entering the network protection fray, building out a product that uses analytics and other technical approaches that could make it suitable for healthcare data environments.

The Blue Bell, Pa.-based company released its product, called Stealth(aware), which uses analytics to improve security across an enterprise, deploying an approach it calls micro-segmentation.

Unisys, an information technology company, says the security tools can be effective against common challenges now being faced by healthcare and other industries, including denial of service attacks, ransomware, privacy breaches and targeted espionage. The company says the application’s ease of use will make “cybersecurity more accessible to organizations of all sizes.”

Unisys says Stealth(aware) provides protection across several platforms—core networks, cloud, mobile, identity and analytics—to create segments within an organization. Authorized users can access information to which they are authorized, while others “from malware to insiders to hackers, cannot even see that those segments exist.”

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Built-in analytics enable the application to examine data traffic quickly, enabling security professionals to visualize and adapt the segments, allowing them to manipulate the controls that produce the segmentation policies.

The company says the application can complete assessments of enterprise networks “and their associated public clouds and integrated suppliers in minutes,” eliminating lengthy redesign and configuration.

“Unisys is building more intelligence into our products to improve the user experience and simplify the implementation of advanced security," said Tarek El-Sadany, senior vice president of technology and chief technology officer for Unisys. “By designing Stealth(aware) to automate the discovery and deployment process, our clients can improve their level of security with faster implementation across the data center and the cloud. Stealth(aware) creates one security solution for an organization’s hybrid enterprise in a simple interface that can be implemented by non-security experts.”

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