Cloud platform enables easy sharing of 3D DICOM images

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Medical and dental professionals now will be able to more easily share three-dimensional volumetric data for review.

The capability comes from Anatomage, a San Jose, Calif.-based company specializing in 3D medical imaging technology. The company has created a cloud platform that offers an easy way to review images.

The company says its most recent update enables professionals to send 3D DICOM standard volumetric data to colleagues. The newest version provides a 3D DICOM web viewer approved by the Food and Drug Administration, that includes tools that enable measurements, the ability to discuss cases with messaging, viewing of mesh files such as STL, and more.

Images on the Anatomage platform are reviewable from any computer, using the cloud 3D web viewer.

The one-click approach to review differentiates it from more basic DICOM sharing cloud services that generally only exchange data but don’t provide the ability to review patient images or discuss 3D images.

More medical professionals are using 3D medical images for treatment planning, but it has been challenging for them to quickly collaborate with colleagues, referrals and labs because no single platform handled both the transfer and the viewing of the data.

The platform is HIPAA-compliant and uses data encryption protocols for security. In addition, providers can collaborate on the case using the platform's discussion messaging.

The basic Anatomage Cloud service is free for medical professionals and enables them to upload, download, view, discuss, send and receive cases. DICOM data is the open standard format for many imaging types such as CT, CBCT, MRI, ultrasound and more, making the platform useful to a large number of medical specialists. Additionally, the platform allows for transfer of other medically relevant open file types such as STL, PDF, and JPG to aid collaboration.

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