Breakfast session at AHIMA aims to blunt cyber attacks

The reality of cyber attacks is that a hacker can get into and stalk an organization’s network for hundreds of days without the organization knowing it, which is why healthcare providers need detection tools to learn of silent malware within their information systems, says Mark Dill, principal consultant at security consultancy tw-Security.

At a 7 a.m. networking breakfast on October 17 during AHIMA16 in Baltimore, Dill will team with two other consultants, Joseph Kirkpatrick of Kirkpatrick Price and Mac McMillian of CynergisTek, to explain the many faces of hacking. This includes a newer twist called “Hactivisim,” which is taking control over an organization’s web site or private network to express a political or social agenda.

There also are serial hackers that hold an organization’s data ransom until payment is made, then restore access but keep a copy of the data with the threat to release it to other criminals unless another payment is made.

But aside from scaring the audience, the speakers want to emphasize that “the solutions to the problems don’t always cost millions of dollars,” Dill says. “The solutions don’t always have to be expensive to make a difference.”

The three security pros will emphasize fleshing out security gaps and addressing them, and adopting reasonable controls to address unreasonable threats. Other issues to be covered include advanced persistent threats and financial crime and espionage.

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