Attachment service, outsourcing aids Yale New Haven Health

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Yale New Haven Health is an early adopter of a new platform to ease the attaching of medical records to insurance claims for healthcare business offices.

The vendor, MRO, which specializes in release of information services via a platform that facilitates the exchange of protected health information, now is extending into outsourced business office functions supporting the revenue cycle, says Kim Charland, director of revenue cycle services at MRO.

“Our workflows free up billing office staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks, while MRO handles the medical record selection, attachment to claims and distribution to payers,” she adds.

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MRO serves more than 7,500 provider sites. At New Haven Health, passing the attachment duties to the vendor is creating efficiencies, says Cindy Zak, executive director of corporate health information management.

“Our system business office and health information management personnel collaborate more effectively, focusing on their core responsibilities and maximizing productivity and efficiency,” according to Zak. “Further, MRO’s technology drastically reduced paper processes, creating significant cost savings and enhancing enterprisewide compliance.”

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