AHIMA Endorses Learning Health System Core Values

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Taking a page from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s recently released 10-year interoperability roadmap, the American Health Information Management Association has endorsed the core values of a “learning health system” designed to share secure, high-quality data with the goal of improving patient health.

According to AHIMA, a national-level learning health system represents a “transformative vision of data, information, and knowledge sharing to empower all stakeholders to routinely engage in virtuous cycles of continuous learning and improvement” based on 10 core values: person-focused, privacy, inclusiveness, transparency, accessibility, adaptability, governance, cooperative and participatory leadership, scientific integrity, and value.

“The core values of a learning health system, including access to secure, accurate health information are in line with AHIMA’s long-standing commitment to quality healthcare through quality information,” says AHIMA CEO Lynne Thomas Gordon.

Earlier this month, ONC released a paper outlining its vision for achieving a nationwide interoperable health IT infrastructure by 2024, including an array of interoperable products and services that "allow the healthcare system to continuously learn and advance the goal of improved healthcare." A learning health system would "enable lower healthcare costs, improved population health, truly empower consumers, and drive innovation," argues ONC.

Likewise, AHIMA envisions a system in which physicians and clinicians, care delivery systems, public health programs and clinical research facilities “routinely and securely aggregate data from disparate sources, convert the data into information and share this intelligence in timely and actionable formats to help patients, caregivers and others make informed health decisions.”

As part of its endorsement of a learning health system, the organization has joined the Learning Health Community, a coalition of 60 healthcare organizations and companies committed to advancing the LHS. During AHIMA’s 2014 Convention and Exhibit in San Diego this fall, members of the Learning Health Community will share with attendees how providing timely, secure and accurate information through the LHS can improve health outcomes.


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