ACO and provider join to build a provider registry covering the Phoenix market

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An accountable care organization and diagnostic imaging company are working together to fine-tune a provider registry, a project that will bring benefits to both.

For several years Innovation Care Partners, an accountable care organization in Scottsdale, Ariz., has operated a homegrown provider registry for managing its network of providers. That worked well when the ACO was working with hundreds of physicians, but now they have thousands, and getting a new registry became imperative.

“We outgrew it and needed more scalability,” says Faron Thompson, ICP’s chief operating officer. “Now we get claims data from payers with multiple claims files from multiple payers and with different nomenclatures. And we get payer files with thousands of providers when our list of providers are much shorter.”

Innovation Care Partners covers more than 100,000 patient lives and includes about 1,700 physicians and 500 practice locations.

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Payer data is messy, but the new registry from NextGate makes sense of the data and applies business rules, Thompson explains. The registry also is flexible enough that Southwest Diagnostic Imaging (SDI), a provider that works closely with Innovation Care Partners, will be on the NextGate registry platform. SDI is one of the nation’s largest private practice radiology specialty corporations.

“We had the same needs as Southwest, and NextGate helped us partner,” Thompson says. “Now we have one provider registry shared. We each can have one source of truth and manage the provider index as a team. The rest of the data will not be comingled.”

Implementation of the shared registry started in August, with go-live expected in the first quarter of 2019.

With Innovation Care Partners and Southwest Diagnostic Imaging as a team, the southwest Arizona region now will have a community-wide provider registry, Thompson contends.

“This is a new type of arrangement that can be applicable to other organizations. We share in the cost and implementation; we have staff that handle maintenance and the vendor is not putting in road blocks against this,” he says.

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