3 rural hospitals pick CPSI, anticipate quick implementations

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Three critical access hospitals in Montana have selected the Evident electronic health records system of CPSI as well as its TruBridge revenue cycle management software.

The facilities— Mountainview Medical Center, Big Sandy Medical Center and Dahl Memorial Healthcare Association—expect to finish implementing the applications by the end of this year.

Continuing demands in healthcare delivery led all three to meet ongoing technology needs and more effectively manage business operations. With the government promoting interoperability requirements for 2020, new EHRs were necessary to improve patient outcomes and utilization, as well as finding ways to maximize reimbursement and cash flow.

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In 2016, Mountainview Medical left the Evident system, but now has come back and is confident the vendor can help the organization meet regulatory requirements and timelines without feeling rushed and able to ensure quality care, says Rob Brandt, the hospital’s CEO.

Dahl Memorial Healthcare Association partnered with CPSI because, with both a hospital and an affiliated nursing home, it saw the vendor as having EHR capabilities that address both types of care, says Ryan Tooke, its CEO.

At Big Sandy Medical Center, product functionality was critical, adds Lee Griffith, its CEO. “Following the demonstrations, our medical director penned a letter to our board of directors showing her support among physicians for selecting Evident,” Griffith explains. “When physicians like an EHR solution, you know it is the right choice.”

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