Top blogs reveal the issues that troubled the industry most
Dozens of healthcare IT experts contributed their knowledge to Health Data Management in 2016. Here’s a list of the most-read blogs of the year. With topics ranging from MACRA, HIPAA to the election of Donald Trump as President, their popularity shows the issues that most touched our readers’ lives.
How to prepare for the shift to MACRA
August 25, 2016

By Min Matson is a healthcare consultant with Point B, a management consulting firm.

‘Improving quality and preparing for value and performance based incentives will require an “all in” mentality that permeates every level of the organization. The best way to “move the people” is to show them the data and drive toward success. If you are not doing this yet, it’s not too late to start.”

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Meaningful Use Isn't Quite Dead Yet
March 1, 2016

By Brian Ahier, director of Standards and Government Affairs at Medicity.

“Meaningful use called and said, "The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated." A careful parsing of acting CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt's comments at this year's J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference does not lead to the conclusion that meaningful use as a concept is over, but rather that it is being absorbed into Merit-based Incentive Payment System, and this will take some time to accomplish.”

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Why HIPAA fines are on the rise—and getting heavier
September 12, 2016

By Matthew Mellen, a security architect at Palo Alto Networks.

“In every statement announcing a new HIPAA settlement, HHS encourages hospitals and business associates to return to security fundamentals and perform a comprehensive risk analysis and manage risks.”

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Kyle Huntley.jpg
Why a blockchain EHR makes sense for a patient-centered approach
August 3, 2016

By Kyle Huntley, senior director for solution development for Avanade.

“In healthcare, the opportunities (for blockchain) are numerous, with electronic health record (EHR) data one potential and interesting application.”

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Why data and analytics aren’t enough to change healthcare
August 16, 2016

By Rich Krueger, CEO of Hospital IQ.

“Healthcare operations are undergoing change as dramatic as the discovery of penicillin to treat bacterial infection or hand washing to reduce patient mortality. The opportunity to use data to improve efficiency and drive innovation is within reach for most hospitals.”

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D'Arcy Guerin Gue.png
How the Cures law will force interoperability to move forward
December 13, 2016

By D’Arcy Guerin Gue, Vice President of Industry Relations for Phoenix Health Systems, a division of Medsphere Systems.

“The new 21st Century Cures Act is about to change healthcare IT, and most of the industry never saw it coming.”

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Why the MACRA final rule looks good for providers
October 17, 2016

By Eric Cragun, a senior director in Advisory Board’s health policy division.

“The final rule includes significant flexibility for providers in the first year, to the point that most—if not all—clinicians should be able to avoid a negative payment adjustment for performance year 2017.”

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EHR vendors raise provider expectations for other IT vendors
May 17, 2016

By Barry Chaiken, president of DocsNetwork Ltd.

“As ERP products become commoditized, these vendors find it difficult to set prices high enough to maintain product margins while also delivering service levels comparable to that provided by the leading EMR vendors.”

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Why the feds are upping the ante by looking at small breaches
August 24, 2016

By Matthew Fisher, Chair of the Health Law Group at Mirick O'Connell, a law firm based in Worcester, Mass.

“The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Health and Human Services is clearly becoming dispirited and fed up with the number of data breaches in the healthcare industry. This sentiment is made apparent by OCR’s announcement on August 18 that it, through its regional offices, will more aggressively investigate and pursue the so-called “small” breaches, which are those that impact fewer than 500 individuals.”

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How Providence Health is using IT to predict claims denials
August 19, 2016

By Ann Goldman, a director in Healthcare Intelligence at Providence Health Systems.

“Providence Health & Services sought to take an innovative approach to implementing an analytics strategy. A team of its data analysts and engineers was charged with creating and delivering a working cloud-based, cross-platform app employing machine learning to solve a healthcare operational problem.”

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Why revenue cycle systems will be crucial for value-based care
June 22, 2016

By Walter Groszewski, Vice President of Professional Services at SourceMed.

“While many organizations have revenue cycle management systems in place today, few have evolved their systems to be able to tightly measure and manage cost, care and outcomes across the entire episode of care.”

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fred bazzoli hdm
What Trump’s healthcare plan should, and shouldn’t, do
November 9, 2016

By Fred Bazzoli, Editor in Chief, Health Data Management

“It’s apparent that change will be coming in healthcare. It appears that Republicans now have the numbers to do whatever they want to the Affordable Care Act, and no longer have a Democratic president who will stand in the way of attempts to change or repeal it.”

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