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HDM’s top 15 lists of 2019
Throughout the year, Health Data Management editors research information that best can be presented in lists, a popular form of communicating information to our readers. Here are some of the most popular compilations of information, based on responses from and interactions with our readers. They represent a snapshot of some of the most important issues facing the healthcare industry today.
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12 trends that will dominate healthcare IT in 2019
HDM editors compile trends that will affect the industry in the New Year. Late last December, we published this list representing our expectations for what will impact healthcare information technology in 2019. Check here to see how well we did!

The list can be accessed here.
The Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT for 2019—CIOs and IT execs
In its fourth annual recognition program for 2019, Health Data Management is recognizing 50 of the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT. The awards are made in three categories—CIOs/HIT executives at provider organizations, thought leaders and HIT vendor executives. The following is the list of CIOs/IT executives at provider organizations.

The list can be accessed here.
15 top health systems named by IBM Watson Health
IBM Watson Health announced its 15 Top Health Systems annual study for 2019 in June, identifying what it deems to be the best performing health systems based on organizational performance. The systems were selected based on a balanced scorecard that takes into account publicly available data for clinical, operational and patient satisfaction.

The list can be accessed here.
30 leading HIT experts to watch in 2019
With a variety of cross-currents expected to buffet healthcare in 2019, the healthcare information technology industry will draw on the experience and expertise of a range of experts. Here is Health Data Managements of top experts who are expected to play a lead role in guiding the HIT industry in the New Year.

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10 top data and analytics trends for 2019
Augmented analytics, continuous intelligence, data fabric and persistent memory servers are among the emerging trends that will drive the advancement of analytics over the next few years, says Gartner.

The list can be accessed here.
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12 ways AI will revolutionize healthcare in the next year
Expectations are high for the impact that artificial intelligence can play in healthcare, but most experts admit that the industry is still early in the process of researching one-off uses for AI in healthcare settings. Still, many predict that many opportunities will soon emerge to take full advantage of advanced computing technologies. Faculty members of Partners HealthCare ranked artificial intelligence-enabled technologies that will have the greatest impact on medicine in the next 12 months.

The list can be accessed here.
Healthcare executives rate the industry's top 10 challenges
For more than 10 years, the Healthcare Executive Group has annually queried its members to see what’s keeping them awake at night. The effort has provided insight into primary opportunities, challenges and issues currently facing healthcare executives. The rankings for this year also include where these particular issues were listed in the previous two years, indicating some of the movement of concern in recent years.

The list can be accessed here.
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10 hot medical technologies in 2019
Technological advances and improvements in medical care are nearly synonymous, and some of the latest trends in care this year appear to be coming of age. ProClinical, an international staffing firm that connects life sciences companies with skilled professionals, has listed what it considers to be 10 of the most impactful medical technology trends for 2019.

The list can be accessed here.
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How to overcome 10 top EHR implementation challenges
The vast majority of healthcare organizations have electronic health records systems in place, but the use of such systems does not remain static. New capabilities are added, or organizations decide to rip old ones out and replace them with new ones. For most providers, clinical system implementation is a concern that comes up regularly, and such initiatives often can cause problems and frustration. Mobisoft Infotech— a global digital product development company—detailed 10 significant EHR implementation challenges and potential strategies for overcoming the difficulties. First the problems…then, how to overcome them. o overcome 10 top EHR implementation challenges.

The list can be accessed here.
10 trends taking the stage at HIMSS19
The annual conference and exposition for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society serves as a barometer to measure the progress information technology among participants in the healthcare industry. The editors of Health Data Management identified the following trends that were gaining the most attention from the approximately 45,000 attendees at this year’s HIMSS event.

The list can be accessed here.
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Healthcare trends that will rock medical care in the 2020s
As healthcare enters the 2020s, a whole new range of technologies is emerging. In the last few years, technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality devices, and precision medicine have moved from experimental to capabilities that hold hope for improving medical care in the new decade. Meanwhile, HIT likely will be called upon to help the industry as it inexorably moves to value-based care. In light of the new decade, the staff of Health Data Management identified these 10 trends that will make the biggest difference in medical care over the next 10 years. Here are our best guesses on these trends, and how healthcare IT will help advance these efforts.

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12 patient safety risks linked to EHR usability
Digital records systems have created unforeseen safety risks, sometimes contributing to serious mistakes in treatment, and that’s particularly true for pediatric patients, contends researchers for the Pew Charitable Trusts. These unintended consequences can be devastating for young patients, especially when they involve medications—pediatric patients often have dosages adjusted depending on their weights or ages.

The list can be accessed here.
10 strategic trends that will drive data management in 2020
Major changes lies ahead for how organizations manage and use data. Research firm Gartner has identified the 10 top strategic technology trends that will affect how organizations manage data. Gartner defines a strategic technology trend as one with substantial disruptive potential that is beginning to break out of an emerging state into broader impact and use, or which is rapidly growing with a high degree of volatility, expected to reach a tipping point over the next five years.

The list can be accessed here.
10 predictions for the growth of blockchain in healthcare
Much hype has surrounded the use of blockchain technology and distributed ledgers in healthcare. While some enthusiasm has dissipated, use cases have emerged to test the potential for its use among players in the healthcare industry. A recent article in Blockchain in Healthcare Today, a journal following the potential use of the technology in healthcare, offers predictions from 10 experts in the field.

The list can be accessed here.
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Cleveland Clinic picks top 10 medical innovations for 2020
A variety of innovations are expected to emerge in 2020 that will enhance healing and change healthcare, according to a distinguished panel of doctors and researchers from the Cleveland Clinic. Earlier this month, the organization announced its Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2020 at its Medical Innovation Summit. Led by Michael Roizen, MD, emeritus chief wellness officer at Cleveland Clinic, a panel of physicians and scientists have selected, in order of anticipated importance, the top new innovations healthcare providers can expect to see by 2020. "We anticipate that these innovations will significantly transform the medical field and improve care for patients," Roizen explains.

The list can be accessed here.