HDM offers a glimpse back at the top lists of 2016
Throughout the year, Health Data Management offered listings of information describing important facets of the healthcare IT industry. In this show, we present those lists that were among the most popular among our readership.
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The move powerful women in healthcare IT
Over three days, Health Data Management presented its picks for the most powerful women in healthcare information technology. After an extensive nomination process, the top 75 women were named to HDM’s initial class of powerful women in HIT. Lists covered CIOs and HIT executives; senior executives; and thought leaders. Each of the three lists were viewed thousands of times, making them the most popular of the year. Stay tuned—we are making plans to offer this recognition program again in 2017.

The most powerful women in healthcare IT-Thought leaders

The most powerful women in healthcare IT-provider and payer execs

The most powerful women in healthcare IT-CIOs and IT execs
14 top urgent care centers in the U.S.
This list from late 2015 (in addition to an updated list of 30 top urgent care center chains released by HDM this October) continues to be a highly popular resource for the industry. While the urgent care market is fragmented, there are some major players that run dozens of these specialized centers. Here, we list some of the largest operators of centers in the U.S.

Here is the updated list of 30 urgent care center chains, published this fall.

Here is the original 2015 listing of 14 top urgent care centers in the U.S.
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25 top health and wellness apps
As smartphones and other mobile devices are more widely used in the U.S., it's no surprise that consumers are using them to manage aspects of their health. They're taking advantage of a variety of apps to manage their health, physical activities, food intake and their medical care. As a result, more healthcare organizations are using them to interact with consumers.

HDM’s list of the top 25 health and wellness apps can be found here.
10 top health Industry Issues for 2016
In 2016, the healthcare industry was poised to undergo major changes to meet challenges posed by the "New Health Economy," which includes the rise of consumerism, the focus on value, downward pressure on costs, technological innovation and the impact of new entrants. Those are among the predictions offered in a report on the top health industry issues, by the Health Research Institute of PwC.

Want to review the issues PwC anticipated for 2016? Check here.
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Top 20 hospital application vendors
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology annually gathers data on which vendors have certified technology used by providers that are participating in the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. This list looked at EHR systems used at hospitals. ONC reports that six companies—Cerner, Meditech, Epic, Evident, McKesson and Medhost—supply 2014 certified technology to 92 percent of the hospitals that have reported 2014 technology.

Here is the list of top EHR vendors to hospitals.

And here is a companion list of top EHR vendors for eligible professionals.
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19 IT jobs that will pay the most in 2017
Pay is always a popular topic for a list, and 2016 was no exception. IT budgets are expected to be flat for 2017, but organizations will find money to increase IT salaries. According to the new IT salary study by Robert Half Technology, these are expected to be the top paying IT jobs in 2017. This presentation originated at Information Management, a SourceMedia publication.

Here is the list of top-paying IT jobs.
The 15 highest paying IT credentials for 2016
Data- and security-related certifications help demonstrate proficiency in specific types of technology, and having a key certification can pay handsomely. According to the new report, “15 Top-Paying Certifications for 2016” from Global Knowledge, here are the ones that will earn you top dollar, or cost you the most if you’re the one paying for specialized expertise. The certifications are listed in order based on average salary of survey respondents.

This listing can be found here.
10 surprising finds at the HIMSS16 conference
Over the course of five days at HIMSS16, several new directions emerged for the healthcare IT industry. The HDM staff gathered its thoughts on the most significant trends from discussions and interviews at the industry’s biggest show. We felt these held significance for HIT and compiled this list.

The list can be found here.
What do HIT professionals make?
The annual HIMSS Compensation Survey provides a snapshot of the salaries earned by healthcare IT professionals during 2015. The survey draws together information from a wide variety of roles within the industry. The data provides a glimpse into the average amounts paid in the industry, and how those salaries compare, based on a variety of factors.

The list can be found here.
30 of the nation’s largest ACOs
Accountable Care Organizations are being touted as one of the top strategies for achieving value-based care. Hundreds of ACOs are emerging. In this list, we highlight some of the nation’s biggest ACOs, ranked by number of members.

The list can be found here.
55 experts HIT execs should follow on Twitter
Social media has transformed the ability of those with expertise to share their views on recent events with a larger audience. Nowhere is this more true than on Twitter, and healthcare technology and IT experts are among those who frequently offer their slant on the news of the day. This compilation was the second effort by Health Data Management to identify HIT and technology experts who are among the most influential on Twitter. Results are ranked by the number of followers each had in early November.

This list can be found here.
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18 top paying big data certifications
It’s good to be a data professional these days. Hiring demand is at record levels. Pay rates are getting there too. And most any data certification will earn you a bump in your paycheck. For data pros wondering if getting another certification is worth it, and employers wondering how much extra to pay, here is a look at what the top data certifications are earning in pay premiums from Foote Parters LLC, an IT workforce consultancy in Florida.

The list can be found here.