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Michael Blum
Title: Director

Organization: Center for Digital Health Innovation, University of California, San Francisco

Blum became director of UCSF’s Center for Digital Health Innovation four years ago, after having served as chief medical information officer for the facility. He manages the initiative, which aims to lead the transformation of healthcare delivery from empiric, generalized disease-based diagnostic and treatment approaches to individualized precision medicine. In his role as director, Blum, a cardiologist and clinical professor of medicine, coordinates and leverages UCSF’s information technology as sets. CDHI is working to develop new technologies, apps and systems that will create large new datasets to enable improvements in patient care. Currently, UCSF and GE Healthcare are teaming up to develop advanced analytics to support the next generation of clinical decision support systems hosted on a cloud platform. The project includes the development of a library of “deep learning algorithms” that can be embedded in decision support and aid in quicker diagnoses in acute situations such as trauma.