Video: “Telehealth is not just that outpatient call”

A discussion on deploying technologies to enable and support clinicians with efficient care delivery and enhanced patient experiences.

Virtual Inpatient Engagement

A camera and microphone monitoring a patient room and connected to a cloud platform to monitor and ascertain what’s going on with the patient; watch this interview to learn how Atrium Health and other health systems are collaborating with innovative solution partners like Caregility to expand the use of telehealth technologies for improved care delivery within inpatient settings.

Mike Brandofino, president and chief operating officer of Caregility says maximizing telehealth's potential must include inpatient care. "It's key to understand telehealth is not just that outpatient call. There is a lot more going on [inside the hospitals]." In the interview, Mr. Brandofino and HDM editor-in-chief Fred Bazzoli explore the many ways health systems are currently employing innovative process improvements with inpatient monitoring systems and related telehealth tools to enable and support clinicians in improved delivery of care and enhanced patient experiences.

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