Digital Transformation



Using technology to enhance patient care and engagement

Emanate Health has specific goals for its applications, working on its vision to expand access in the communities it serves.

In the sprawling expanse east of Los Angeles, Emanate Health emerges as a pivotal force in transforming healthcare delivery for underserved communities.

Under the stewardship of Dan Nash, its chief information officer, the health system's journey from financial distress to a beacon of innovation encapsulates a broader narrative of resilience, strategic foresight and technological advancement in the face of adversity.

Financial strain and cyber threats

Emanate Health's revival from the brink of financial distress is a rare story among community hospitals these days.  Emanate’s success story is one of strategic foresight.

Opting for MEDITECH’s Expanse over higher-priced alternatives was a decision rooted in a profound understanding of fiscal responsibility and strategic investment. This move not only stabilized the institution financially but facilitated a significant reinvestment in essential community resources.

Another close call was a cybersecurity incident in 2019 that became a watershed moment for Emanate Health, testing its resilience and preparedness. Nash's strategic focus on incident response and recovery underscores a proactive approach to cybersecurity, highlighting the criticality of preparedness in an era where digital threats loom large. This ordeal not only showcased the health system's agility but also marked a significant shift towards prioritizing cybersecurity as an integral aspect of healthcare administration, setting a precedent for the sector.

Technology helps adapt to the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic tested the mettle of healthcare institutions worldwide. Emanate Health, under Nash's leadership, exemplified technological agility and innovation, swiftly adapting to the unprecedented challenges through the strategic deployment of telehealth services and clinical surveillance tools. The pandemic underscored the indispensable role of technology in healthcare, propelling Emanate Health to harness the power of data and digital tools to ensure uninterrupted care.

The integration of business and clinical analytics emerged as a game-changer, enabling Emanate Health to transform raw data into actionable insights. This not only facilitated effective pandemic response strategies but also laid the groundwork for a data-driven approach to healthcare that promises to revolutionize patient care. Nash reflects on this period of innovation: "The pandemic underscored the vital role of data and technology in healthcare. Our ability to quickly pivot and leverage these tools was crucial in continuing to provide care amidst the chaos."

The development of a COVID tracker for interactions, in collaboration with MEDITECH, exemplifies how technology can be harnessed to manage and mitigate health crises, setting a new standard for preparedness and patient safety.

Technology aids engagement, care enhancement

Emanate Health's journey towards digital transformation is marked by the strategic integration of the MEDITECH Expanse platform, a move that signifies a leap towards more personalized, efficient, and integrated patient care.

This technological advancement is not merely an operational upgrade but represents a paradigm shift towards a more holistic and engaging patient experience. "By embracing digitalization, we're not just improving operational efficiency,” Nash notes. “We're fundamentally changing how we engage with our patients, making healthcare more personalized and accessible."

By equipping nurses and care staff with advanced digital tools, Emanate Health is not only streamlining clinical processes but is also redefining the contours of patient engagement.

The introduction of point-of-care applications and secure messaging systems fosters a more dynamic and interactive care environment, where patients are active participants in their health journey.

This digital empowerment of both patients and providers heralds a new era of healthcare, where technology bridges the gap between clinical excellence and compassionate care, making healthcare more accessible, personalized and responsive to the needs of each patient.

Expansion to serve community needs

In an ambitious move to cater to the growing needs of its community, Emanate Health embarked on a strategic expansion, exemplified by the development of a state-of-the-art cancer center and the planned construction of a 60-bed emergency department. This expansion is not just about scaling up; it's about reimagining healthcare delivery to ensure comprehensive care is accessible to all, particularly the underserved populations reliant on Medicare and Medicaid.

The establishment of the cancer center, spurred by Nash's personal journey as a cancer survivor, underscores a deep-seated commitment to bringing specialized care closer to patients. "Developing the cancer center was not just a strategic move; it was a personal mission to ensure that no one in our community has to travel far to receive the care they desperately need."

By situating vital services within the community, Emanate Health is breaking down barriers to access and ensuring that quality care is not just a privilege but a right. The forthcoming expansion of emergency services at Queen of the Valley Hospital addresses critical wait times, illustrating a responsive and patient-centric approach to healthcare that prioritizes the immediate and long-term needs of the community.

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