The Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT for 2019—Vendor execs

HDM offers its list of the leading women in key positions at healthcare information technology companies.

The Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT for 2019—Vendor execs

In its fourth annual recognition program for 2019, Health Data Management is recognizing 50 of the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT. The awards are made in three categories—CIOs/HIT executives at provider organizations, thought leaders and HIT vendor executives.

The following is the list of executives of healthcare information technology vendors.

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Therasa Bell

Title: Co-founder, President and Chief Technology Officer

Organization: Kno2

Years in HIT: 22

Previous Positions: Vice President, Chief Solutions Architect, Imagetek; Director of Technology, Integra Information Technologies.

Significant Achievements: Bell, in founding Kno2, is seeking to advance interoperability in healthcare, with the goal of eliminating the use of older technologies.

Impact on HIT: She has been involved in a variety of initiatives that aim to increase data exchange, including DirectTrust, and she was an original implementer of Carequality. She co-wrote and lobbied for the unstructured CDA, which was incorporated in the C-CDA implementation guide referenced in Meaningrful Use rules.

Lindy Benton

Title: CEO and President

Organization: Vyne

Years in HIT: 32

Previous Positions: CEO and President, MEA|NEA; COO, Healthcare Division, The Sage Group.

Significant Achievements: Benton is a speaker and activist working to mentor, support and help caregivers understand how to utilize available services to improve patient health.

Impact on HIT: At MEA|NEA, a company founded to exchange unstructured documentation for dental practices, Benton led efforts to expand the platform and apply the same technology to managing unstructured data for healthcare providers. The company was renamed Vyne in 2016 after acquiring The White Stone Group, a provider of secure healthcare communication management solutions.

Rhonda Collins

Title: Chief Nursing Officer

Organization: Vocera Communications

Years in HIT: 30

Previous Positions: Vice President of Nursing, Masimo; Clinical Executive, CareFusion; Vice President of Women and Children’s Services, Baylor University Medical Center.

Significant Achievements: At Vocera, Collins works with nursing leaders to share clinical best practices, map gaps in processes, identify ways to improve care team communication and incorporate nurses’ views in how to change the industry and improve healthcare technology.

Impact on HIT: Collins designed a clinical communication assessment that maps the gaps in workflows, identifying where and how technology can improve a process. She wants nurses to have a role in developing, selecting and deploying technology.

Judy Faulkner

Title: CEO and Founder

Organization: Epic

Years in HIT: 40+

Previous Positions: Software Developer.

Significant Achievements: Faulkner has expanded Epic without venture capital or going public. The company’s software was built in-house with no acquisitions.

Impact on HIT: Faulkner founded Epic in 1979, creating one of the first databases organized around a patient record and designed for clinical information.

Angie Franks

Title: CEO

Organization: Central Logic

Years in HIT: 30

Previous Positions: CEO, RetraceHealth; Chief Marketing Officer, SportsEngine; General Manager, Solutions, The Advisory Board; various positions, Healthland; Consultant; Vice President of Market Development, Lawson Software; Associate, GeoAccess; Clinical Manager, Healtheast Health System.

Significant Achievements: Franks is building on her past healthcare and IT experience to highlight transfer centers as critical in better managing patient care.

Impact on HIT: Her more than three decades of experience, both as a provider and with companies making IT solutions, helps hospitals and health systems overcome competitive and reimbursement challenges.

Cindy Gaines

Title: Chief Nursing Officer, Population Health Management

Organization: Philips

Years in HIT: 15

Previous Positions: President, Gaines Consulting; other roles.

Significant Achievements: Gaines has moved into the role of chief nursing officer of Philips’ population health management line, responsible for promoting the movement to value-based care and PHM. She was a nurse for 30 years, having served as the president of administration for the Borgess Medical Group with Borgess Health.

Impact on HIT: At Borgess Health, Gaines partnered with Philips for more than 10 years, helping to facilitate care management workflows and clinical workflows among front-line caregivers to improve documentation and quality.

Michelle Hoiseth

Title: Chief Data Officer and Corporate Vice President

Organization: PAREXEL International

Years in HIT: 21

Previous Positions: Various positions, PAREXEL; various positions, Ora Inc.

Significant Achievements: Working in late-stage drug and medical device development at PAREXEL, Hoiseth helped identify a need for a real-world data team, and now she leads its efforts to use data to enhance approaches for identifying new therapies for patients.

Impact on HIT: Her background in the drug development industry provides her with inherent understanding of the importance of data in getting critical treatments to patients who most need them and providing clinicians with essential information.

Heather Jordan Cartwright

Title: General Manager, Healthcare NExT, Artificial Intelligence and Research

Organization: Microsoft

Years in HIT: 5

Previous Positions: Various positions, Amazon; various positions, Ford Motor.

Significant Achievements: Cartwright is highlighting some of Microsoft’s capabilities in the cloud, and she’s working to show how the its technologies can be applied in various healthcare settings.

Impact on HIT: She has an extensive background in disruptive technologies and how they can be employed to improve operations in a variety of industries. Microsoft is aiming to show that it can play a big role as healthcare organizations increasingly move data and computing to the cloud and implement AI.

Sita Kapoor

Title: Co-founder and CIO

Organization: HealthEC

Years in HIT: 25+

Previous Positions: Co-founder and CIO of IGI Health, a provider of IT solutions and BPO services, where she built the Med-Link clearinghouse; various consulting roles.

Significant Achievements: Kapoor directs HealthEC’s research and development team, which applies mathematical and computational models to develop large-scale data integration and analytics solutions to help providers identify risky patients who require close medical attention. She played a key role in developing its analytics engine.

Impact on HIT: While at HealthEC, Kapoor built a data warehouse that enabled DC Medicaid to benefit from population health management.

Lisa Khorey

Title: Global Vice President

Organization: Executive Vice President and Chief Client Delivery Officer

Years in HIT: 20+

Previous Positions: Executive Director, Healthcare Advisory, EY; various positions, UPMC.

Significant Achievements: Khorey has served in several influential leadership positions within healthcare IT, both in consulting and provider roles. She came to Allscripts in 2016 and leads all aspects of delivering its solutions to clients, leading about 4,000 associates.

Impact on HIT: She’s played a lead role in developing Allscripts’ partnership with Lyft to incorporate non-emergency transportation directly into physicians’ workflow. She also took a lead role in integrating employees after Allscripts acquired McKesson’s hospital and health system business, known as its Enterprise Information Solutions.

Angela Lanning

Title: Chief Operating Officer for Informatics and Technology Services

Organization: Premier

Years in HIT: 25

Previous Positions: Multiple positions within Premier

Significant Achievements: Lanning leads strategic planning and business operations for Premier’s health IT services.

Impact on HIT: She’s leading the development of a “control tower” strategy that can give hospitals an enterprise view of total system performance.

Diana Nole

Title: CEO

Organization: Wolters Kluwer Health

Years in HIT: 15

Previous Positions: President of Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream Health; Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for Health Solutions for Eastman Kodak.

Significant Achievements: Nole is enabling Wolters Kluwer Health to use artificial intelligence to help customers achieve tangible results; it’s making its evidence-based content more accessible, integrated and automated.

Impact on HIT: She is focusing on leveraging technological innovations to eliminate care variations and advance evidence-based medicine.

Lauren O’Donnell

Title: Global Vice President

Organization: IBM Watson Health Life Science Industry

Years in HIT: 35+

Previous Positions: Global General Manager, Life Sciences Industry, IBM; VP Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM.

Significant Achievements: O’Donnell leads the transformation of patient safety, forging a collaboration with Celgene, a biopharmaceutical company. The companies aim to evolve patient safety from a reactive manual process into a proactive source of safety insight.

Impact on HIT: O’Donnell is helping life sciences executives advance their capabilities by using IBM tools.

Lygeia Ricciardi

Title: Chief Transformation Officer

Organization: Carium

Years in HIT: 24

Previous Positions: Consumer Engagement and Digital Health Expert, President, Clear Voice Consulting; Director of the Office of Consumer E-health, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT; Director, Health Program, Markle Foundation.

Significant Achievements: Ricciardi provides leadership at Carium, which is developing software to guide, support and empower consumers.

Impact on HIT: At ONC, she established and led consumer programs, including the Blue Button initiative.

Carrie Romandine

Title: Vice President of Platform Management

Organization: RevSpring

Years in HIT: 16

Previous Positions: Owner, CARIS Innovation; various positions, Apex Revenue Technologies; Director of Innovation, Humana.

Significant Achievements: Romandine has helped develop products that organizations can offer to individuals to help them meet their financial obligations, ensuring a personalized approach for every patient.

Impact on HIT: She aims to ease and individualize consumer payment processes when patients are bearing more medical payment burdens.

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