Telemedicine accreditation program builds portal for applicants

Web site aims to provide education and an expedited enrollment process, says Doug Clarke.

An American Telemedicine Association initiative launched in May in a joint venture with ClearHealth Quality Institute to develop the next generation of telemedicine accreditation standards is starting to gather steam.

ClearHealth has launched a web portal enabling provider organizations offering telemedicine services to apply to participate in the accreditation program.

ATA executives entered the partnership with ClearHealth acknowledging that the organization needed expert help and handed management of the program. ClearHealth has run more than 20 healthcare accreditation programs for other organizations.

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To develop the telemedicine accreditation, ATA and ClearHealth in July formed a telemedicine accreditation standards committee comprising 15 experts to craft new standards.

“The online portal is designed with our customers in mind,” says Doug Clarke, director of accreditation programs at ClearHealth. “The often painstakingly slow and cumbersome application process is becoming more simplified to provide ease of access and convenience for the busy healthcare provider.”

In coming months, ClearHealth will host several educational seminars on the accreditation program and its requirements.

ATA will offer an in-person accreditation workshop during its 2017 National Policy Forum, October 2 to 4 in Washington.

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