‘Tech, do no harm.’ Do good things instead

How is technology impacting care team experiences – positives and negatives? HDM’s Fred Bazzoli recaps some highlights from the openning sessions of The HDM KLASroom.

Good in theory, not in practice. A lot of clinician frustration with IT can be defined just like that.

As an industry, we have to get to the point where technology isn’t a burden, but delivers value at the

It’s the mismatch that happens when idealism meets cold, hard reality. That feeling you get when you transition from something tried and true to something brand new.

Our first session of the HDM KLASroom on the topic of Improving Clinician and Care Team Experiences illustrated both the challenges and the hope-inspiring solutions that provider organizations are putting into place.

Here’s a challenge, summarized: The average electronic patient record covering five years has almost 16,000 words in it. Hamlet, Shakespeare’s longest piece, has 30,000 words. So we expect clinicians to fully grasp half of Hamlet every 20 minutes for each patient encounter they have – an impossibility, notes Eve Bloomgarden, MD, director of thyroid care and director of endocrine innovation and education in the division of endocrinology at NorthShore University Health Systems.

One solution, summarized: OrthoVirginia supports clinicians every step of the way in using its electronic health records system, providing tech assistance and measured education to help them use it and optimize it. I’ll cover this in a story next week, but if you can’t wait, here’s the video of that session.

Why all the focus on this topic? Because clinicians are care; tech can help, but humans are that last-mile connection to the patient. As an industry, we have to get to the point where technology isn’t a burden, but delivers value at the point of care. It’s the IT version of the Hippocratic Oath: Tech, do no harm; in fact, help do good stuff.

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watch the HDM KLASroom on-demand
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