Specialist-specific EHRs showing improved physician satisfaction

Black Book Research indicates surgical specialists prefer single solution vendors, says Doug Brown.

A new report from Black Book Research assesses the satisfaction of physician practices with specialist-specific electronic health record systems.

For example, the top seven vendors serving the urgent care and occupational medicine markets, in order, include Docutap, NextGen, drchrono, Practice Velocity, athenahealth and Cority, which was previously known as Medgate.

Black Book collected 18 key performance indicators of client experience and satisfaction data from 18,950 practices covering 340 EHR products during a survey conducted from the third quarter of 2017 to the first quarter of 2018.

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Seven vendors—AdvancedMD, drchrono, Epic, NextGen, NetSmart, Modernizing Medicine and SIS Amkai offer multiple EHR products and have the highest satisfaction rates, according to Doug Brown, managing partner at Black Book.

“Single-solution offerings integrating electronic health records, revenue cycle management, coding and practice management tools are on track to maintain the foothold among specialty practices in 2018,” Brown adds. This fuller set of services supports clinician workflow and patient coordination, helping clinicians better succeed in a value-based care environment.

A consistent finding in the survey was that practices using a single solution reported higher satisfaction. Vendors that spent resources on offering focused revenue cycle and coding software to specialists instead of generic products had stronger scores, in contrast to five major ambulatory vendors.

“We see all of these now struggling to retain market share to specialists, particularly in smaller practices in favor of integrated specialist-centric solutions,” Brown contends.

“Surgical specialists drive 69 percent of those replacement initiatives,” he notes. Cloud-based and mobile EHR systems are most highly sought by medical specialists, favored by 70 percent of practices responding.”

The complete Black Book report, “Specialist-Centric Systems Lead Small Physician Practice EHR Satisfaction,” is available here.

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