Ransomware attack hits Methodist Hospital in Henderson, Ky.

The facility is announcing limited service through a banner on its home page; while reports say backup data is being used to care for patients.

Methodist Hospital in Henderson, Ky., is the latest victim of a ransomware attack, at least the third publicly announced attack in recent weeks following hacks at Ottawa Hospital in Canada and Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles.

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The Methodist attack came last week, and the organization told local media that it expected to have the situation resolved by the end of this past weekend.

Late Monday afternoon, hospital executives reported to a local TV station that the situation had been resolved and that internal digital systems "were up and running."

However, the hospital continues to post on its home page a banner that reads: “Methodist Hospital is currently working in an Internal State of Emergency due to a computer virus that has limited our use of electronic web based services. We are currently working to resolve this issue, until then we will have limited access to web-based services and electronic communications.”

The hospital reportedly is using backup data that was not affected by the attack and told local newspaper The Gleaner that no patient information was compromised.

David Part, COO at Methodist, told the local NBC television affiliate that a back-up system was activated while the main network remains down and the hospital is not experiencing interruption of daily operations.

Methodist has not responded to requests from Health Data Management for additional information. HIPAA-covered entities experiencing a breach must notify local media but are under no obligation to talk with outside media.

At Ottawa Hospital, four computers were affected and hospital personnel were able to wipe the drives of the computers. Hollywood Presbyterian was heavily affected and reverted to paper patient records. It used paper-based systems for about a week while it attempted to get its data back, but finally paid a $17,000 ransom.

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