Pomona Valley seeks to eliminate duplicate medical records

In other HIT implementations, U-Rochester Medical Center has a new registry.

Here is Health Data Management’s weekly roundup of new health IT contracts and go-lives.

* Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, with 437 beds serving parts of Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, has selected the PatientSecure software of Imprivata to improve positive patient identification and reduce duplicate records. The software uses biometric identification technology to create a 1:1 link between a patient’s unique biometric information and their individual medical record. Nine community clinics also will use the technology.

* University of Rochester Medical Center in New York now is live on a provider and organization registry from NextGate. The registry supports aggregation, de-duplication and reconciling of information from providers for a single source of reference to improve operational efficiency, physician satisfaction and care team collaboration. Other supporting functions include a centralized view of provider data across the clinical network and automation of manual processes in managing and updating the master provider information system, including physician credentialing.

* Nobilis Health in Houston, a management company serving four hospitals, 10 ambulatory surgery centers and 10 clinics in Texas and Arizona, will deploy accounts receivable and denials management software from Streamline Health Solutions, as well as other back-end processes such as partial payment management. The contract further includes analytics to recoup lost revenue and address causes of denials.

* The Blue Cross and Blue Shield benefit plan for the Federal Employee Program next year will offer telehealth medical and behavioral health consultation programs for federal workers, using the telemedicine platform of Teladoc. Employees may access consultations via a mobile app, web video or telephone at any time and from any site. “We are always working to provide federal workers and their families with the most innovative solutions to meet their health needs,” says William Breskin, senior vice president of government programs at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

* Columbia Memorial Health in Hudson, NY, anchored by Columbia Memorial Hospital, is pilot testing a remote patient monitoring system from YouThisMe, a start-up company. At discharge, patients with chronic conditions are given a smartphone loaded with an app and wireless biometric devices, and a provider enters acceptable vital data ranges into a patient monitoring dashboard. Patients each day send vitals data and other requested information to their provider, who reviews the data on a smartphone or desktop computer and intervenes if an automated alert shows data out of pre-set ranges.

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