PHR approach will include patients’ advance directives

Vendor partnership makes wishes available to doctors in medical crises, says Robin Wiener.

A new personal health record approach will include an advance care planning service, enabling healthcare consumers to share information about who can make decisions for them during a health crisis.

The first-ever capability for a PHR is being developed through a partnership between Rockville, Md.-based Get Real Health and its InstantPHR platform, using the data aggregation and development platform CHBase, and Dallas-based ADVault, developer of MyDirectives and MyDirectives MOBILE.

In addition to enabling consumers to let physicians know who can speak for them in health emergencies, making MyDirectives available through InstantPHR assists healthcare consumers by providing one place to hold their medical treatment goals, preferences and priorities.

Having real-time access to such information enables medical teams to make better decisions within the context of patients’ directives. Consumers can record their thoughts about medical treatments, palliative and hospice care, organ donation and autopsy, and other critical personal information on the device and in the format that is most convenient and comfortable for them.

“Offering MyDirectives to our customers makes our suite of health management and patient engagement tools even stronger,” said Robin Wiener, president and founding partner of Get Real Health.

ADVault President and Co-Founder Scott Brown said statistics show that 40 percent of adult medical inpatients are unable to make treatment decisions or participate in decision-making regarding their treatment and care. “A digital advance care plan works better than paper-based advance directives to improve quality of care, especially when providers have access to both the patient’s wishes and the full medical history, all in one place.”

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