Penn Medicine takes top prize in patient safety app competition

Its development platform enables continuous improvements to apps, says Yevgeniy Gitelman.

Penn Medicine’s Center for Healthcare Innovation has become the 11th winner of the Health Devices Achievement Award from patient safety organization ECRI Institute.

Penn Medicine designed a technology platform for creating custom apps that can aid physicians in managing patient populations by giving them access to relevant clinical data from multiple information systems at the time it is needed.

“This platform allows us to continually make improvements to the applications, be sensitive to clinical workflow and meet the needs of our patients,” says Yevgeniy Gitelman, MD, clinical informatics manager at Penn Medicine and a hospitalist at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. “If clinicians need to know when a specific action is required for a targeted patient population, we can quickly add applications to test new interventions.”

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For instance, the apps can tell a provider when an order for a patient’s medication is expiring, issue reminders when appropriate to perform an extubation risk screening, and identify frequent ER patient users for targeted services such as transportation vouchers to see their doctor or access mental health services.

The platform extracts data from EHRs and other sources to identify patients who need a particular intervention, with the information sent to clinicians via a secure text, email or a dashboard.

Honorable mentions in development of new apps went to Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Ky., for strategic planning in the clinical engineering realm; Service New Brunswick in Canada for integrated performance monitoring completion rates; and St. Luke’s Health System in Boise, Idaho, for a role model approach to creating a highly reliable recall management program.

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