ONC announces phase 2 winners of API challenge

Competition aims to recognize APIs that let consumers share health information with providers.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has announced phase 2 winners of an ONC challenge seeking proposals for using application programming interfaces (API) to enable consumers to share their personal health information safely and securely with providers, family members and other caregivers.

The Phase 2 winners of ONC’s Move Health Data Forward Challenge—five awardees in all—each received a $20,000 award for their proposed plans including technical, operational, financial and business components of their respective solutions.

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The five winners include:

• CedarBridge Group LLC: CareApprove is a smartphone app enabling patients to grant or revoke permission for providers to access, send or receive health information electronically. Providers can use the CareApprove software plugin with their EHR system to stay connected with their patients through the mobile app and to communicate with one another through a secure messaging system.

• EMR Direct: The HealthToGo solution facilitates the deployment of apps capable of leveraging multiple data sources in consumer-mediated health data exchange, thereby minimizing the number of identities to maintain and grant data to store while enabling consumers to manage data sharing and improving the accessibility of data while maintaining its privacy and security.

• Foxhall Wythe LLC: Docket is a secure system for users to seamlessly store and share data with trusted care professionals, eliminating the need for tedious paper-based patient intake processes. The solution promotes HIPAA compliance through a user-managed access approach and end-to-end encryption for all records as well as interoperability through the emerging FHIR standard.

• Live and Leave Well, LLC: Live and Leave Well is a solution that provides both a consumer-mediated exchange of end of life plans and creates a transportable package of data about a person’s end of life plans that can be scored for goodness and shared with multiple systems using a combination open APIs and direct integration.

• Lush Group, Inc.: HealthyMePHR system allows patients to import their health information from their primary care provider’s EHR system, define how it is shared with others, and authorize electronic access. Additional features will accelerate patient clinical data sharing on a patient-by-patient basis.

These winners now will move on to the challenge’s final phase, which will award $50,000 for up to two winners based on the ability to implement their solution through the development of a mobile or web-based app.

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