New Boston Children’s app aims to aid doc productivity, cut burnout

Dock Health designed to help physicians deal with administrative hassles, Michael Docktor says.

The Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital has developed a secure mobile and web application to aid physicians in managing clinical care.

With clinicians often buried in email and Post-It notes, the Dock Health app is envisioned to reduce the hassles that contribute to clinical burnout, according to Michael Docktor, MD, clinical director of the accelerator and a gastroenterologist.

“Dock Health is a simple app to help get everyone on the same page, reduce dropped balls and help teams close the loop efficiently,” Docktor explains. “Clinicians are clamoring for well-designed productivity tools that are secure, have patient context and help with the challenges of communication and administrative task overload. Using Dock Health with my team has literally changed the way I practice and reduced my stress level tremendously.”

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Pilot testing of the new app at Boston Children’s started in early September in four departments, and pilot tests outside the organization will start soon. Docktor demonstrated the app at the Health 2.0 Conference in California on October 2.

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