Med management, AI to assist patients with compliance at home

Vendors’ services can improve medication adherence, predict patient risk, says Eran Shavelsky.

____simple_html_dom__voku__html_wrapper____>Medication management vendor MedMinder and Cyft, an artificial intelligence vendor that helps providers identify patients most likely to benefit from interventions, are joining forces to help improve chronic care treatment.

MedMinder offers services that manage complex drug regimens for patients, using an automated pill dispensing product and alerts that increase medication adherence rate to more than 90 percent.

For its part, Cyft will integrate in-home medication adherence data into nightly predictions to prioritize patients based on actionable risk, while also giving MedMinder clients care management notes, a call center and claims data to determine risks and associated urgency.

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MedMinder also will provide Bluetooth connectivity for home-based smart devices such as scales and thermometers, supported with wireless cellular Internet connectivity so patients without Internet can use the devices.

“Since the average person with chronic complex conditions is with their clinician less than 1 percent of the time, we need to think beyond the clinic for data sources,” says Leonard D’Avolio, CEO at Cyft.

The ability of clinicians to make care decisions based on real-time data from the home will improve care while enabling independent living, adds Eran Shavelsky, CEO at MedMinder.

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