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HDM COVERstories

May 2023 COVERstory

Join HDM as we take a deep dive into recent healthcare innovations and their potential to shape the future.

From the Editor:

The healthcare industry is more open to change and innovation than ever before. Providers demonstrated the capability to revamp the airplane in flight during the COVID pandemic, rapidly tweaking care delivery patterns and adopting technology to support virtual care. In many ways, that ability to change has also cemented the belief that the industry can’t just go back to “business as usual.” Change is essentially inevitable. 


Other forces are making inevitable the need to adopt innovations. Clinicians are burning out and leaving the healthcare workforce – they flat out need help. Margins are under pressure, and technology can help drive efficiency to reduce cost. And care improvement is at the top of everyone’s minds. 


But adoption of innovation has never been a “snap your fingers” event in healthcare. Capabilities such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing and virtual care/remote patient monitoring appear exciting, but also raise questions about their use. The fervor surrounding ChatGPT has prompted calls for guardrails for the use of AI in healthcare. Our series of articles look at emerging technologies, how healthcare organizations are using them, and the divergence in opinions surrounding how best to proceed. 

  • Fred Bazzoli, Editor in Chief

Key Takeaways

As you dive into this COVERstory, we hope you find it becomes a reference helping you: 

  • 1. Deeper understand the innovations that are shaping the future of health and care. 
  • 2. Place within context the hype vs. the hopeful reality these innovations present us.
  • 3. Learn from those who are on the cutting edge of innovating, and those who are on the cutting edge of making a real difference.
  • 4. Apply the future today with more clarity and purpose in your strategy and planning. 


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