Life Image, Dicom Systems agree to partner to aid image and data sharing

Life Image and Dicom Systems are partnering to improve clinical content access within and across provider organizations.

Life Image and Dicom Systems are partnering to improve clinical content access within and across provider organizations.

Life Image is building a global network for sharing clinical and imaging data. Dicom Systems offers enterprise platforms to enable image sharing between radiology information systems, hospital information systems and picture archiving and communications systems.

Both companies already share several hospital customers and are Google Cloud Partners that are enabling novel capabilities in healthcare. Their executives say they hope to accelerate interoperability by combining the companies’ networks and integration capabilities, with the intent of enabling healthcare organizations to improve care, reduce costs and build workflow efficiency.

As part of the agreement, Life Image will offer Dicom Systems’ Enterprise Imaging Unifier Platform, which ensures data compatability among existing information systems.

Executives say the companies will apply interoperability expertise to meet the industry’s growing demand for a comprehensive network that facilitates accessing, sharing and storing all clinical data for patients.

Life Image’s Interoperability Suite, which integrates into existing workflows, orchestrates the flow of more than 10 million clinical encounters per month, connecting 1,500 U.S. facilities, 8,000 affiliated sites, 150,000 U.S. providers and 58,000 global clinics with a broader ecosystem of patients, life sciences, medical device companies, and telehealth companies.

The announcement is the latest by Life Image, which has entered a string of partnerships related to the sharing of medical imaging. Last week, Life Image and announced plans to collaborate to use their strengths to improve the research process that’s been used to identify patients and pair them with clinical trials, with the goal of reducing administrative and cost burdens associated with research.

“Dicom Systems and Life Image share a longstanding commitment to achieving seamless interoperability in an industry plagued by technical and institutional barriers to the free flow of compatible data,” says Dmitriy Tochilnik, president and chief technology officer of Dicom Systems.

“With this pivotal alignment between our companies, we’re delivering on a longstanding promise to our customers to unify image sharing in healthcare,” adds Florent Saint-Clair, executive vice president for Dicom Systems.

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