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HDM COVERstories

June 2023 COVERstory

Join HDM as we take a deep dive into social determinants of health, the challenges that come with SDOH and the ways that some health systems are taking steps to integrate SDOH into patient care.

Can health leaders turn social determinants into sustainable and meaningful insights?

From the Editor:

One of many difficult lessons gleaned from the COVID-19 pandemic was the crucial importance of social determinants of health. With the virus raging, one of the brutal truths was that some population groups were ravaged with disproportionate amounts of cases and mortality. The difference between living and dying often came down to access to competent care, good food, solid social support and other soft factors. 


With much of the pandemic behind us, many organizations and federal agencies are laser focused on analyzing populations for social determinants of health – key economic and societal factors that influence health and response to care delivery. Even though the impact of SDOH is now evident to many, so are the challenges in gathering data from diverse sources (many outside the walls of healthcare organizations), analyzing it, effectively responding to findings and finding funding to support these responses. 


Our series of articles looks at these challenges – some within IT, some far beyond – as well as examples of how some healthcare organizations are taking SDOH into account as they plan healthcare delivery among the populations they serve. 

  • Fred Bazzoli, Editor in Chief

Key Takeaways

As you dive into this COVERstory, we hope you find it becomes a reference helping you: 

  • 1. Understand the growing focus on SDOH from federal agencies, payers and other healthcare entities.
  • 2. Observe the challenges in gathering data from diverse sources, analyzing it and drawing impactful conclusions that can greatly benefit underserved populations.
  • 3. See how SDOH undergirds a broader movement to achieve health equity in the nation, which many expect will reduce unnecessary medical costs and provide a higher quality of life for many.
  • 4.  Learn from examples of organizations that are taking concrete steps to factor SDOH into their care strategies - what they are learning, and what challenges they have yet to surmount.


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