Insider threats cause many of the most damaging security incidents

Most organizations are finding it difficult to determine the actual damage being caused by attacks, especially in cloud environments.

Insiders continue to pose a serious and growing threat to data security at many organizations, according to a new survey by Cybersecurity Insiders, an online community for information security professionals and vendors, and security company Nucleus Cyber.

The companies surveyed cyber security professionals in the 400,000-member Cybersecurity Insiders community, and found that 70 percent of organizations are more frequently seeing insider attacks and 60 percent experienced one or more within the last 12 months. More than two thirds (68 percent) feel “extremely to moderately” vulnerable to these attacks.

The report showed that today’s most damaging security threats often don’t originate from outsiders or malware, but from trusted insiders, said Holger Schulze, CEO and founder of Cybersecurity Insiders.

Not only are organizations seeing a dramatic increase of attacks from insiders, the report said, but 85 percent are finding it difficult to determine the actual damage being caused, especially in cloud environments.

After migrating to the cloud, 56 percent of the respondents think detecting insider attacks has become “significantly to somewhat” more difficult, and 39 percent identify cloud storage and file sharing applications the most vulnerable.

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