HIMSS will have a new top executive in 2018

Industry veteran Harold Wolf will succeed Stephen Lieber.

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society has named Harold Wolf III as its new president and CEO, succeeding H. Stephen Lieber, who is retiring at the end of the year after a 17-year tenure.

Wolf, who has expertise in consumer engagement, is well known in HIMSS circles, having served during the past four years as an advisor to the board of directors, then two years as a member of the board and most recently as vice chair.

“He sees and creates opportunities, brings people together and facilitates their success in creating new and better products and services,” says Sebastian Krolop, MD, former HIMSS Board Chair.

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Since September 2015, Wolf also has served as a director of The Chartis Group, an advisory and analytics consultancy focusing on digital health strategy. The firm supports providers and other healthcare organizations in developing integrated information, operations, digital health and precision medicine strategies.

Before working at The Chartis Group, Wolf was senior vice president and chief operating officer at Kaiser Permanente’s Permanente Federation, which represented 16,000 physicians in eight medical groups. He oversaw development and implementation of critical care delivery strategies, data management and governance, population care management environments.

Previous stints included CIO for e-business and corporate systems at Quest Communications/US West, and senior positions at Time Warner, MTV Networks, McKinsey and Company, and ADVI.

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