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Healthcare’s leap: Overcoming adversities with optimism and innovation

Industry leaders dive into the present-day challenges and the promising path ahead for organizations that are increasingly dependent on data.

The global healthcare system, like many other sectors, has been plagued with unprecedented challenges, ranging from financial constraints and staffing issues to cybersecurity threats.

Acknowledging the pressures

In a poignant conversation with Steve Brewer, CEO of Galen Healthcare, Adam Gale, CEO of KLAS and Jeff Surges, CEO of RLDatix, Mitchell Josephson, CEO of Health Data Management, delved into the present healthcare adversities. As Josephson noted, "In my 12 years of being in healthcare, I don't think I've ever seen these issues ... touching every single health system out there."

Brewer, who boasts a 30-year healthcare career, reminisced about the industry's evolution, particularly in patient scheduling, stating, "Back in 1996 and 1997, every part of a health system required calling someone different. Today, there's a holistic view of a patient, from health records to meds and appointments." Such monumental integrations, Brewer believes, have played a pivotal role in enhancing patient safety.

Embracing the dawn of technological advancements, Gale pointed to systems like Nuance DAX, predicting a more informed patient-physician interaction. "We're on the cusp of having real data to make better decisions," he remarked.

RLDatix’s Surges broadened this perspective, emphasizing the notion that "all healthcare is local," and shed light on the growth of personal health records, which are now accessible across multiple hospitals.

Data protection and patient safety

A recurring theme in the discussions centered around patient safety and data protection, especially with the recent merger between Galen Healthcare and RLDatix. Brewer highlighted Galen's collaborative ethos, saying, "Galen has just been a culture of collaboration, creativity, working with our clients to solve big problems and to save them a lot of money." This is further demonstrated in their legacy data archive services, assisting hospitals in achieving significant cost savings.

The merger, as Surges explained, was rooted in a shared commitment to data safety. Both companies strive to ensure that "patient data into the EHR is correct, so that when they go live, it lights up the way it’s supposed to."

High reliability and innovation

Josephson's interactions extended to understanding patient safety's evolution. Surges traced this journey back two decades, emphasizing the shift from documentation to preventive measures fueled by massive datasets. Brewer highlighted medical providers' commitment, insisting on the need for accurate data.

A term that resonated in these discussions was “high reliability institution.” Surges explained its attributes, emphasizing a safety-driven culture, learning from past mistakes and endorsing transparency.

High-reliability organizations, Brewer opined, thrive on trust, especially in client partnerships. Gale echoed this sentiment, lauding companies like Galen for their discernment and resilience. He stated, "I think there's a magical power in being able to say no, knowing what you do really well."

Brewer, optimistic about the future, stressed Galen's role in solving healthcare challenges. "Our clients have led us into various ventures. The more we work with them, the more problems we find that we can solve."

Concluding on a global note, Surges emphasized the U.S.'s position as a healthcare innovation beacon, advocating for more proactive care approaches. He summarized, "We may call it currency or care. But there's more testing, more proactivity than ever before."

While current healthcare challenges may seem overwhelming, the collective optimism, innovation and dedication of industry leaders inspire confidence in a brighter, safer and more efficient future for all stakeholders.

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