HDMKLASroom (CxE3S5): Clinician Experience – Data standardization can reduce burnout while satisfying upstream & downstream information needs

Understanding the importance of national accelerator programs like those managed by HL7 International to address data sharing challenges, and how you can help.

Much of the clinicians’ burden today rests with administrative tasks that are felt downstream by upstream requirements from insurance or government, taking the form of pre-authorization, quality reporting, and certain required clinical data exchange. These required tasks can create unnecessary churn in a clinician’s day, month, year. Chuck Jaffe and Viet Nguyen from HL7, and Kirk Anderson from Cambia Health Solutions discuss the work being done behind the scenes to help mitigate these burdens so clinicians can better focus on their patients.

This session explores: 

  • the importance and difference between HL7, FHIR, and the many national accelerator programs that are being set up to address data sharing challenges 
  • the work being done within the HL7s FHIR accelerators to create impactful data standards to enable better information sharing among institutions.  
  • the progress made on many data-sharing issues, and how healthcare delivery organizations can take advantage of these advancements, applying them to enhance administrative and clinical workflows.  


Cambia Health Solutions: Kirk Anderson, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

HL7 International: Viet Nguyen, MD, Chief Standards Implementation Officer

HL7 International: Charles Jaffe, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

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