HDMKLASroom (CxE3S1): Clinician Experience – Building the foundation

Hear research and strategies health systems can employ to create a sure foundation for improved care team environments, with guiding principles to help make it possible.

Helping clinicians optimize the use of technology is a tall order today as so much of care is in a transitional state influenced by said technologies, changing demands of patients, and demands from government and healthcare administration. This has caused clinical and IT leadership teams to be in a state of spackling, responding reactively from one need to another. A need to build a technology house, a place where stakeholders, technologies, and processes all come together to impact the clinicians’ experience in positive ways.

Dawn Walters from the University of Kansas Health System and Jason Hess from KLAS Research discuss the strategies the health system is making in creating a sure foundation, and research and guiding principles that are making it possible. 

  • recognize the driving principles that create a strong clinician technology relationship.  
  • better understand the attributes of a strong governance framework. 
  • determine the core measures that need to be balanced for optimal outcomes. 
  • Gain insights for implementing effective service and support structures to facilitate optimal governance. 


KLAS ResearchJason Hess, Executive Vice President, Provider Success

University of Kansas Health SystemDawn Walters, System Senior Director Informatics

Health Data Management: Mitchell Josephson, Chief Executive Officer 

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