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CEO initiatives and tech strategies driving digital healthcare and efforts toward achieving the Quadruple Aim.

CEOs acknowledge that information technology will play a vital role in transforming healthcare. But few say that their organization has created a digital strategy that looks far enough into the future, according to a global survey of 200 leaders at midsize and large healthcare provider organizations. HDM has compiled a series exploring CEO initiatives with a focus on technology investment and digital strategies for better outcomes, enhanced patient & care team experiences, reducing costs, and creating health equity.

Feature Story

"We have to remember that technology is just one tool in the box."Dr Edmund Sabanegh, M.D., president and CEO of the Guthrie Clinic

CEOs: Digital strategies come up short

Senior healthcare leaders say IT can help transform healthcare, but they acknowledge that their organization’s strategies need more work...Read more

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Digital transformation will be important for healthcare organizations that are intent on how they want to meet consumers' needs while improving operations.

Digital transformation is key to revamping care interactions

More healthcare organization CEOs realize that they need to change operations to provide personalized experiences for consumers – and tech is only a piece of that puzzle...Read more

Hospitals are under increasing financial pressure and CEOs want technology to provide some relief.

The necessity of using technology to give financial relief

Challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic will push executives to find ways to use technology to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs...Read more

Technology has been a cause of clinician burnout, and CEOs believe it now must provide benefits that support care delivery, CEOs believe.

Staff shortages, clinician burnout weigh heavily on CEOs

Technology has added to the burden for clinicians. Organizations’ leaders are now demanding, instead, that it lighten their loads...Read more

Healthcare CEOs are seeing an imperative need to move toward digital transformation to improve care delivery and meet patients' expectations.

Advanced technology must fit into the ‘Quadruple Aim’ quest

Artificial intelligence and genomics will give clinicians more weapons in the arsenal to fight disease, but they’ll also pose integration challenges...Read more

Digital customer services: It’s time for healthcare to catch up

The Ochsner digital services platform can help patients navigate a range of services, including cost estimates, check-in, billing and messaging. Ochsner Health’s CEO explains how the organization is using technology to improve customer service...Read more

Applying technology to boost hiring, retention of staff

Summa Health relies on technology as part of its efforts to onboard and train its staff, which aids in retention. Dr Cliff Deveny of Summa Health shares the organization’s shift to adding remote workforce and other steps to bolster its workforce and talent retention...Read more

How one organization greatly expanded telehealth

Telemedicine applications are widely used at MUSC Health, providing a range of services to patients - now offering 80 telemedicine services, including virtual monitoring - in its efforts to give patients more options...Read more

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