HDM, KLAS Research announce HDM KLASroom virtual education series

Health Data Management has partnered with KLAS Research to facilitate a complimentary, virtual, evidence-based learning series: The HDM KLASroom. 

The HDM KLASroom series is an ongoing education program leveraging the industry reach of HDM and the evidence-based content of KLAS Research to educate healthcare leadership and their teams around the latest technological, process, and cultural trends in healthcare. 

KLASroom Series - Patient Experience
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The KLASroom pilot series begins streaming October 27

The first installment of The HDM KLASroom, Traversing the Patient Experience Ecosystem, focuses on defining the current state of patient engagement, identifying the principles of success needed for improvement, and showcasing the people, processes and technologies currently delivering positive results.

Guided by the deep insights of KLAS Research and teachable experiences from successful program leaders, this four-week virtual learning program provides a framework for attendees to understand, identify, implement, and apply processes and technologies to enhance their current efforts or develop new initiative for improving patient experiences within their own organizations. 

Note: this KLASroom Series was presented live October 27 - November 17.  View on-demand

The KLASroom is made possible through generous contributions from:

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Each episode of "Traversing the Patient Experience Ecosystem" streams live at 11:00 AM ET on Wednesdays beginning October 27.

Ep. 1 - Access, Equity, Outcomes: Misaligned Imperatives  |  October 27

We dive into the research and experiences that identify the nature of misalignment between providers, technology innovators, and patients, as we help answer the questions:

How can provider organizations and technology and service partners better align their patient engagement efforts to benefit the patient?

What programs (cocktail of people, process, and tech) really have evidence of success that can be templated, shared, and applied across the industry?

Ep. 2 - The Technology – Moving Beyond Patient Portals   |   November 3

Episode 2 takes a deeper dive into the research and experiences that identify what patients really want, and work to answer the following questions:

How are provider organizations creating more engaging patient engagement platform and optimize their use to create a next generation of patient interaction?

What are the challenges of integrating niche solutions with enterprise-wide health information systems?

Ep. 3 - The Process - Changing Workflows and Meeting Patients Where They Are   |   November 10

Episode 3 showcases real-world lessons including the impact of the pandemic on the patient experience – then and now. Questions we answer in this segment include:

How has the pandemic changed the ways in which patients engage in their care?

What technologies are surging in popularity?

How can organizations make the cultural and process shifts necessary to become customer focused?

Ep. 4 - The People - Pioneers in Consumer Engagement   |   November 17

Episode 4 provides an in-depth look at where early pioneers in patient experience are seeing the greatest success. We’ll uncover answers to the following questions:

How are organizations learning about patients’ needs and meeting them?

How are organizations learning and applying best practices from other industries?

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Speaker line-up for Traversing the Patient Experience Ecosystem:


Sara Vaezy, MPH, MHA
Chief Digital Strategy & Business Development Officer


Cris Ross
Chief Information Officer
Mayo Clinic


Ed Marx
Author and Chief Digital Officer
Tech Mahindra Health and Life Sciences


Adam Cherrington
Research Director
KLAS Research


Lacy A. Knight, MD, MS
Vice President and Chief Health Informatics Officer
Piedmont Healthcare


Alex Nixon
Senior Research Analyst
UPMC Enterprises & the Center for Connected Medicine


Ed Rafalski, PhD, MPH, FACHE
Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer
BayCare Health System


Fred Bazzoli
Health Data Management

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