HDM CLASSROOM: Traversing the Continuum of Care – EPISODE 2

Featuring TimeDoc Health, Heritage Health, TigerConnect, and Innovative Care Partners.

SESSION 1: For FQHCs, flexibility in people, process, and technology are becoming the new norm of thriving.

Flexibility isn't an adjective you think to describe healthcare. But now with pandemic-era adoption of virtual care by patients and providers, the ability to scale these efforts is changing. Though the pandemic forced flexibility on many, others have truly embraced it at its core. Join Health Data Management, TimeDoc, and Heritage Health as they explore how progressive provider organizations are embracing flexibility. Learn how Heritage Health, an award winning FQHC, is aligning care teams and facilities, changing traditional processes, and leveraging technology to better serve care teams and patients across the continuum of care.


Supporting Content

WEBINAR:  Cutting-Edge Virtual Care: Optimizing Systems of Care to Improve Management of HTN 

With hypertension continuing to be a major cause of death and driver of healthcare costs, affecting half of the U.S. population; controlling hypertension has never been more critical. As providers continue to fight for the time and resources to help their patients, the problem continues to worsen. Now is the time to do something different.


Join TimeDoc Health's Dr. Paul Helmuth and hypertension expert Dr. Don Casey as they engage in a discussion about overcoming the clinical inertia and barriers to better outcomes.


Hypertension Virtual Care Management Best Practices Guide

Implementing a successful, compliant, outcomes-driven virtual care management program for hypertensive patient populations is not easy. 

  • With so many options in the health technology and care management space, selecting the right partner can be confusing and time-consuming. There are so many factors to consider when looking to manage complex populations holistically, virtually, and at scale. Choose a partner that prioritizes outcomes with a platform that enables evidence-based hypertension management, so you can make effective clinical decisions at the right time. 

Client Success Story: Butt Seriously - TimeDoc Helps Close Open Colorectal Screening Gaps in 4 Weeks

In a matter of 4 weeks, the TimeDoc Care Services team was able to get over 70% of colorectal cancer screenings scheduled or fit test ordered by leveraging platform capabilities and care coordination workflows designed to support patient care gap closure.  

SESSION 2: What the Successful Role of Technology looks like in Care Transitions

Clear and consistent communication and data flow underline a critical part of the overall patient experience across care transitions and require coordination between different healthcare professionals to ensure a smooth and safe transition for the patient. Join Health Data Management, TigerConnect and Innovation Care Partners as they explore technologies role across care transitions by ensuring that information is transferred properly between different settings connecting the right person with the right information so that patients stay safe and receive the best possible care.


Subject Matter Experts

Cheryl McKay PhD, RN, Nurse Executive, TigerConnect

Deanna Grey RN, Director, Transitions of Care, Innovation Care Partners

Supporting Content

How to leverage communication and data to improve patient handoffs

The patient handoff process is a sensitive period, rife with potential error.According to the Joint Commission, most serious medical errors involve miscommunication during patient handoffs between providers and care settings. Whether transitioning care to another shift, team, or organization, communication gaps leave patients at risk.This blog discusses how healthcare organizations can reduce risks by combining real-time clinical communication with in-depth patient data and trends.


4 Ways to Reduce Length of Stay with Clinical Communication and Collaboration

Length of stay (LOS) is one of the most critical measures of a healthcare facility’s operational efficiency. In this blog post by Dr. Will O’Connor, CMIO atTigerConnect explains how the TigerConnect clinical communication and collaboration solution empowers healthcare organization to overcome LOS challenges and reduce average LOS without compromising quality.


Unify Your Clinical Communication

Effective collaboration with care team members helps contribute to better patient outcomes. However, disparate and outdated communication tools make it challenging to coordinate care, leading to disconnects in healthcare collaboration.Download this eBook and move beyond texting to learn how a dedicated CC&C platform can reduce administrative cost, improve efficiency and care delivery, and enable faster mobilization of care team.


Leveraging Modern Communication Technologies to Improve Workflows

Communication between team members must flow flawlessly whether they workin the same department, across the hospital, or even different locations, and it must deliver actionable data and context. In this guide, Will O’Connor, MD, CMIO at TigerConnect, shares key capabilities to assess in a CC&C solution. Download the guide to learn how modernizing communication technology and improving clinical workflows can lead to fewer sentinel events, reduced length of stay, and better patient outcomes.


6 Must-Ask Questions When Evaluating Clinical Communication Solutions

Advanced clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions can dramatically curb costs and streamline clinical workflows. This eBook highlights six areas to explore when considering clinical communication and collaboration solutions. Each aspect encompasses the capability of technology, and the expertise of the provider.

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