GlobalMed shifts telemedicine equipment pricing to monthly fee

Group practices can pay as little as $799 per month for the teleconsultation platform, says Joel Barthelemy.

Telemedicine is growing in popularity, as reimbursement for such services is becoming more certain. However, physician group practices are still reluctant to take the plunge into virtual care because of the high initial investment to buy a traditional system.

Gearing up to offer telemedicine care for a practice carries a cost of $42,000 for a traditional, bare-bones system. However, GlobalMed, which offers telemedicine technology solutions, is taking a different tack to enable practices to test the waters.

GlobalMed is offering its teleconsultation platform for a flat fee starting at $799 per month for three years; under the approach, physician practices would still need to pay startup costs of about $5,000.

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“We’ve been telehealth innovators for 16 years, and now we’re extending that innovation to our pricing,” says Joel Barthelemy, GlobalMed’s founder and CEO. Under the new fee structure, clinicians can choose a mobile exam station, a cart and a WallDoc, which is a stationary platform.

Diagnostic devices that come with the $799 per month fee include a total exam camera, stethoscope and vitals linked to the organization’s network, as well as a cart and nurse license.

For an additional cost, providers can add devices such as an EKG or ECC, an ophthalmoscope or various other medical equipment used in emergent care, urgent care, stroke care and in the emergency department. Providers also can rent equipment and devices, Barthelemy says.

These approaches can reduce capital expenses and instead enable practices to include the equipment for telemedicine services in their operating budgets, Barthelemy says.

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