GE, Intel to partner to accelerate edge and cloud imaging

Radiologists’ workdays to be improved by better tech performance, use of assistive tools.

GE Healthcare and Intel are working together to use cloud and edge storage solutions with an aim toward improving edge- and cloud-based storage approaches.

The companies say the recently announced effort is aimed at enhancing patient care and reducing costs for hospitals and health systems to deploy digital imaging solutions via edge and cloud technologies.

Under the partnership, technology from the companies will be paired to enable improved processing performance and the use of assistive tools, such as artificial intelligence. Executives from the companies say they believe they can lower the total cost of ownership for imaging devices by as much as 25 percent.

“Radiologist workdays can be enhanced by use of real-time data analytics and increased performance,” says Jonathan Ballon, vice president of the Internet of Things group at Intel. “The combination of innovative imaging solutions from GE Healthcare with the breakthrough speed of Intel processors promises great advances in imaging that could make a real difference in patient care.”

The two companies have collaborated on information technology projects over the last 20 years. As part of the new initiative, Intel and GE Healthcare will invest in a digital development lab in Chicago, to be called the Joint Performance Acceleration Lab that will development, testing and validation of innovations in GE Healthcare imaging hardware and software solutions.

GE and Intel executives say the partnership is intended to boost radiology productivity, while reducing costs, by improving the performance of imaging technology. Pairing the technologies of the companies will reduce the time to display a first image from a study to less than two seconds and full study load times to less than eight seconds.

As part of the expanded relationship, the companies will use a workload-optimized software virtualization platform to enable hospitals and health systems to deploy more secure, edge solutions that improve agility and reduce operating costs in healthcare environments that require real-time performance and continuous service availability.

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