Collaboration aims to emphasize patient safety at product level

Assessments will look at improving culture around design, use and implementation, says Sasha TerMatt.

Healthcare research firm ECRI Institute is working with the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety—a stakeholder collaborative operated by ECRI—to urge IT developers to develop a culture of safety.

Participating developers will take a survey that focuses on safe design, use and implementation of health IT systems.

ECRI is offering developers a tool to assess their safety culture, with the tool able to be tailored to each organization.

Patient safety is a priority of developers and other health IT professionals, says Sasha TerMatt, chair of the Electronic Health Record Association’s executive committee. “Surveys like this one created by ECRI offer HIT developers additional tools for continuous improvement,” she says.

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Lorraine Possanze, program director at the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety, says ECRI’s experience in similar surveys for provider organizations will strengthen organizations’ focus on safety and result in improvements across product lifecycles.

“Ensuring a strong culture of safety can help avoid costly disruption of business and unwanted legal and regulatory actions,” she adds.

The tool will aid providers in evaluating perceptions of safety issues across teams and departments, assess the adoption of a shared safety responsibility, gauge the effectiveness of and needs for safety-related training, compare safety values across teams and product lines, contrast results with similar organizations using de-identified comparative data, and identify areas that may need greater attention.

Additional resources are available here.

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