Cleveland Clinic, Bravo join forces to offer wellness program

The email-based health coaching, developed by Cleveland Clinic clinicians, aims to reverse high attrition rates associated with telephonic or automated coaching approaches.

Employers and health plans nationwide are now able to tap into Cleveland Clinic’s employee wellness program, which includes evidence-based eCoaching aiming to achieve lifestyle and behavioral changes.

The healthcare organization has partnered with Cleveland-based Bravo Wellness to offer the employee wellness program. While the program is designed for employers with 20,000 or more employees, Bravo has versions tailored for companies with as few as 250 employees.

“After 10 years of innovation and data-driven adjustments, we are seeing consistent and predictable positive results from our employee wellness program,” says Linda McHugh, chief human resource officer at the Cleveland Clinic. “It’s truly both an art and science, but when you take the time to do it right, it’s a win/win for the employees and the organization.”

McHugh adds that Cleveland Clinic’s “health benefits cost trend is 66 percent lower than the national average trend over the past nine years,” and since 2013, its average annual claims trend is less than 1 percent per member per month. “This bend in our trend equates to more than $848 million of cost avoidance over the span of the program.”

The program’s email-based health coaching, developed by Cleveland Clinic clinicians, was developed in response to high attrition rates typically found in telephonic or automated coaching approaches.

According to Bravo, coaches—who leverage technology to enable human to human interaction—keep more than 80 percent of their participants engaged in coaching for over 144 days, with an average of 3.2 emails from the participant to the coach each week.

“A proprietary algorithm determines the care path and resources each employee may need, including email-based coaching and ‘Stress Free Now’ curriculum,” according to the Cleveland Clinic’s announcement.

Bravo says that its in-house IT team developed the proprietary technology engine, which provides incentive tracking and adjudication. In addition, data and analytics collect information, run reports and assemble the annual aggregate report for each client, allowing customers to evaluate the program by identifying accomplishments and potential areas for improvement.

“Bravo is truly honored to partner with Cleveland Clinic in bringing effective solutions to companies across the nation,” says Bravo founder and CEO Jim Pshock. “We are philosophically aligned and have seen the most impressive health improvement results among our 1 million-plus members when a comprehensive program that includes evidence-based support like the Cleveland Clinic’s eCoaching resources is engaged. The combination of world-class wellness from Cleveland Clinic with Bravo’s expertise in compliance, communications, creative incentive plan design management, data analytics and customer service is a game-changer in the employee wellness space.”

Pshock adds that “employers are tired of trying the ‘flavor of the month’ app or group wellness challenge only to see programs fizzle out and have no measurable impact.” However, he contends that “sustainable change takes a real plan and a proven strategy” and that employees nationwide will “reap the health and wealth benefits” of Cleveland Clinic’s program.

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