Blockchain technology merits day-long conference at HIMSS17

Execs from hospitals, insurers and tech companies to address potential uses in healthcare.

The rise of blockchain technology as a potential tool within healthcare will rate closer examination during a full-day conference during HIMSS17 in Orlando, Fla.

The conference, entitled “Blockchain in Healthcare, a Rock Stars of Technology Event, will be on Wednesday, February 22, at the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition.

The event is being offered by the IEEE Computer Society and is being co-hosted with the Personal Connected Health Alliance. Organizers say the event will provide healthcare business and IT professionals with the knowledge they need to protect and secure data, electronic health records, connected devices and health information exchanges with blockchain technologies.

Proponents of blockchain technology believe it could have wide applicability in healthcare. It enables the collection of data from a variety of sources, and keeps an audit trail of transactions, thus establishing accountability and transparency in the data exchange process.

The use of blockchain in healthcare is emerging as one of the most controversial technologies of 2017, offering the promise of addressing security and data integrity issues related to the increasing volume of patient data managed by physicians, hospitals and insurance companies.

Key topics of the blockchain event at HIMSS include:

• Blockchain Use-Cases and Opportunities in Healthcare

• Advancing Progress Towards a Safe and Secure Nationwide System of Interoperable Health IT

• Blockchain and Its Practical Use-Cases in Healthcare

• Blockchains: Revealing the Hidden Cost of Trust

• Computing the Contract: Why Smart Contracts are the Asset

• Defining a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with Blockchain in Healthcare: Challenge and Opportunities

The event will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. February 22 in room 414B, found on level 4 of the West Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center.

Further information on the event, and links for registration can be found here.

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