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Blending care with technology: HCA Healthcare’s innovative nursing approach

HDM joins HCA Healthcare’s Sherri Hess as she discusses her vision of integrating nursing informatics for enhanced patient care.

The above video was recorded in March 2023.

Mitchell Josephson, CEO of Health Data Management, interviewed Sherri Hess, the chief nursing informatics officer at HCA Healthcare. Hess embodies a unique blend of nursing expertise and technological acumen, crucial for meeting today's healthcare challenges. Among many topics, they had a chance to discuss her journey from bedside nursing to nursing informatics; what is needed from leaders at the intersection of nursing and informatics; and essential skills needed to accelerate the digital evolution of healthcare.

Below are the top 10 themes that surfaced during the discussion. 

1. Embracing a Dual Role: Nurse and Informaticist 

Hess's career transition from bedside nursing to informatics highlights a significant shift in the healthcare sector. Her narrative underscores the importance of integrating clinical expertise with technology to enhance patient care. 

2. The Digital Transformation in Nursing 

Hess emphasizes the critical role of technology in modern healthcare, advocating for its seamless integration into nursing practice. This digital evolution is not just a trend but a necessary pivot to elevate patient care standards. 

3. Informatics: A New Essential in Nursing Education 

Hess suggests incorporating informatics into nursing education, preparing future nurses to adeptly handle the tech-centric healthcare environment. This forward-thinking approach aims to create 'mini-informaticists,' enhancing nursing efficiency and patient outcomes. 

4. Addressing the Generational Shift in Nursing 

With the average age of nurses at 52, Hess points out the changing demographics in nursing. She notes the tech-savviness of the younger nursing workforce, suggesting a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery. 

5. Nurses: The Central Cog in Healthcare's Wheel 

Hess articulates the pivotal role of nurses in healthcare workflows, emphasizing their comprehensive understanding of various clinical processes. This insight underscores nurses' importance in facilitating efficient and effective patient care. 

6. Tackling Nurse Burnout Through Innovation 

Highlighting the issue of nurse burnout, Hess discusses the need to eliminate non-value-add tasks. Her focus is on creating a more sustainable and fulfilling work environment for nurses, thereby improving patient care. 

7. Virtual Nursing: A Glimpse into the Future 

Hess speaks about the implementation of virtual nursing at HCA Healthcare. This innovative approach leverages technology to extend nurses' reach, enhancing patient care while providing flexibility to the nursing staff. 

8. Meditech Expanse: A Strategic Technological Shift 

The adoption of Meditech Expanse across HCA Healthcare represents a strategic move towards advanced healthcare technology. Hess's insight into this transition reflects HCA Healthcare's commitment to a more connected and efficient healthcare system. 

9. Experiencing the Benefits of Meditech Expanse 

Hess shares positive feedback from nurses on the Meditech Expanse implementation. This technology has not only streamlined workflows but also significantly enhanced nurse satisfaction. 

10. The Future of Nursing in the Technological Landscape 

Hess concludes with her vision for the future of nursing, where innovation and technology play pivotal roles. Her enthusiasm for virtual nursing and other technological advancements signals a transformative era in healthcare. 

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