‘Best in KLAS’ report recognizes high performers among HIT vendors

In 2022 results, Epic wins again for its suite of products, while Nordic, Galen Healthcare and The Chartis Group are lauded for consulting services.

Some familiar names as well as lesser-known companies achieved recognition for technology and customer service levels in the latest "Best in KLAS awards" announced this week.

KLAS, a Salt Lake City-based consultancy, named Epic as the top overall software suite in the U.S. market for the twelfth consecutive year. The Verona, Wis.-based company also was rated as the top overall physician practice management vendor, and it also won nine other Best in KLAS awards for solutions in other product segments measured in the Best in KLAS report.

Some new names also graced KLAS’s list of top providers of consulting and other services in the U.S.:

  • Nordic was named the top overall IT services firm, scoring above 90 (on a scale where 100 is a perfect score) in six different services segments and won Best in KLAS for HIT Implementation Leadership for large organizations.
  • Galen Healthcare was recognized as the top Overall Implementation Services Firm – a new category in this year’s KLAS ratings. Galen also won Best in KLAS in HIT Staffing and Clinical Optimization, while also excelling in HIT Implementation Leadership for small organizations, as well as for Technical Services.
  • The Chartis Group was recognized as the winner of the top overall healthcare management consulting firm for the second year in a row. The Chartis Group won four Best in KLAS awards and achieved high customer satisfaction scores in several additional professional services areas.

The Best in KLAS 2022 - Software and Services report recognizes the leading vendors for solutions, services and management consulting. The 2022 Best in KLAS - Global Software awards – report released concurrently, recognizes the leading software and service organizations that serve the global healthcare market outside the United States.

The report is based on surveys or interviews with thousands of healthcare professionals, said Adam Gale, president of KLAS Research, which has been researching healthcare information technology for more than 25 years.

“Sharing their perspective helps vendors to improve and helps their peers make better decisions,” Gale explained. “These conversations are a reminder to me of how necessary accurate, honest and impartial reporting is in the healthcare industry.”

Most improved solutions

KLAS also surveys executives on solution providers that have improved products, and this year named the enterprise resource planning solution from Infor as the most improved software product. Infor ERP customer satisfaction improved 23 percent during the past year, KLAS reported, as customers noted significant relationship improvements and much more engaged executives.

Greenway’s Intergy Practice Management solution was named the most improved physician practice product. Midsized physician practices (those with 11 to 75 physicians) that use Greenway Intergy practice management have reported increased satisfaction with the solution during the past year, particularly with the level of executive involvement.

Overall, ERP solutions for healthcare organizations have shown significant improvement in recent years, said Taylor Davis, president of KLAS. “The ERP products overall are a lot more stable, and there’s more positivity in the customer base.”

Epic’s consistency in the annual Best in KLAS report is indicative of its high level of performance across a broad range of its product components, Davis said. “Winning the Best in KLAS shows real discipline and focus on their part. We need them and other large enterprise solutions to be excellent” for the industry to advance.”

KLAS also is measuring the readiness of solution providers to defend against cyberattacks, working in partnership with Censinet to identify vendors that have completed a cybersecurity risk assessment. Only a small percentage of vendors did so this year, perhaps indicating that there’s still work to do in the vendor community to harden solutions against possible attacks, Davis said.

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