Anticipating HIMSS24: Bold partnerships and unfiltered tech talk

A number of key topics are likely to rise to the top in Orlando, including innovations and strategic partnerships.

As the industry closes out of the ViVE conference in Los Angeles and prepares for the upcoming HIMSS24 in Orlando, it’s crucial to reflect on the significance of these events in shaping the future of healthcare technology.

In just two years, ViVE, largely a result of its partnership with the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), has become a focal point for providers and vendors seeking innovations and advancements to address pressing challenges and foster collaboration. Meanwhile, HIMSS has cemented its position over the past several decades, offering a platform for healthcare professionals to showcase new ideas and initiatives, driving innovation and progress across the healthcare industry.

This month in sunny Orlando, HIMSS24 promises to continue to serve as a worldwide convergence point for the healthcare industry, facilitating discussions on emerging technologies, current challenges and solutions to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. With its long-standing reputation, HIMSS additionally serves as a hub for networking and collaboration, fostering connections between industry leaders, solution providers, and healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Here are several topics and healthcare technology conversations I anticipate in Orlando this month.

Prioritized topics for 2024

Other than the obvious topic of the amazing advancements in generative AI, I expect HIMSS24 conversations to also address broader areas such as:

  • Emerging technology and innovations
  • New solutions to improve staff efficiency in healthcare.
  • Cloud migration.
  • Ongoing progress toward value-based care.
  • Lean, cost-effective and game-changing clinical and operational workflows.
  • Assistance with provider burnout.
  • The modern patient experience.
  • Digital front door and consumer experience.
  • Innovation in data and analytics
  • My hope is that this year’s conference will emphasize demonstrating real-world results with new technologies that go beyond the basics of cost-cutting and productivity. I’ll be on the lookout for innovative workflows that are game changers to eliminate significant steps in healthcare and provide a fresh experience to providers and operational teams.

    Strategic partnerships come into focus

    As a participant, I’m eager to see new strategic partnerships being established between vendors and healthcare provider organizations. Strategic partnerships play a crucial role in addressing nearly every industry problem set. This is especially true for IT teams that need to focus on strategic initiatives such as the adoption of AI and integration of digital health applications.

    I am hopeful that we’ll see new opportunities for partnerships to address the ongoing IT workforce shortage, especially where expertise is lacking internally from the provider side. Some examples may include: 

  • Partnerships that offer innovative managed services frameworks, enabling service companies to become extensions of an organization's IT team. 
  • Flexible managed services partnerships that provide expert support for many of the day-to-day IT operational and end-user needs, enabling internal team resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • 800 pound gorillas in Orlando

    The conversation around AI will be the most powerful force in the exhibit hall and during educational panel sessions at HIMSS24.

    AI use cases in healthcare are evolving rapidly, with many solutions transitioning from the long-discussed pilot phases to broader implementation and results. Distinguishing between generalized discussions and concrete, solution-oriented debates remain essential to advancing AI’s role in healthcare. I hope to see higher-level conversations this conference season.

    The use of AI to address administrative burdens plaguing all aspects of the industry will be the focus of these conversations. Solutions that streamline operations and prioritize workflow specifics are vital to alleviating staffing concerns. I hope to hear industry leaders embrace this solution-oriented approach to AI.

    A healthcare CIO’s personal expectations

    HIMSS24 is an anticipated hub for collaboration and innovation. I look forward to the ever-present networking opportunities, learning new industry approaches and establishing relationships that extend beyond a week in Orlando.

    As healthcare continues to change and shape each upcoming conference conversation, HIMSS and similar events serve as benchmarks for progress, bringing together thought leaders and technical thinkers to drive meaningful change and innovation. Showcasing the future of healthcare delivery and technology integration, this year’s conference holds promise to address current and urgent issues facing the healthcare industry.

    Bill Lewkowski is vice president of strategic client services for HCTec.

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